IOC and ISA confirm qualification process for surfing competition at Tokyo 2020
18th March 2018
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The key elements of the qualification system are as follows:

• 20 men, 20 women.
• Maximum of 2 surfers per gender per National Olympic Committee (NOC).
• Qualification spots will be earned on an individual basis, by name.
• In accordance with IOC guidelines, the qualification events have been determined in hierarchical order of qualification, as further explained below; If two surfers of a gender have qualified through the first hierarchical order, that NOC will not be able to qualify more surfers of that gender through qualifying events lower in hierarchical order.
• All surfers selected by their respective National Federations for their national teams must participate in 2019 and 2020 ISA World Surfing Games in order to be eligible for Olympic qualification. The final details of the eligibility requirements are still under review by the ISA and the IOC.
The hierarchical order of qualification will be as follows:

1. 2019 World Surf League Championship Tour: First 10 eligible men and first 8 eligible women.
2. 2020 ISA World Surfing Games: First 4 eligible men and first 6 eligible women.
3. 2019 ISA World Surfing Games: 4 men and 4 women selected based on their continent. Top finishing eligible surfer of each gender from Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania.
4. 2019 Pan American Games: First eligible man and first eligible woman in the surfing competitions.
5. Host nation slot: One man and one woman slot will be guaranteed for the host nation of Japan, unless already filled through the above hierarchies. Should athletes from Japan qualify regularly, their slots will be reallocated to the highest ranked eligible surfers from the 2020 World Surfing Games.

Following a landmark agreement with the World Surf League (WSL) in December 2017, the ISA formulated a proposal to the IOC for the complete qualification system. In the months that ensued, the IOC and ISA worked hand in hand to refine the process to promote universal opportunities for surfers and enable for the world’s best surfers to compete in the Games, arriving at the process that has been announced today.

Discussing the news, ISA President Fernando Aguerre said:
“This is another historic moment for the sport of Surfing, and for all of us who have dreamt of our sport’s inclusion in the Olympic Games. The release of the qualification process is a key step on our journey towards Tokyo 2020 and surfers around the world now have a clear path to their Olympic dream. I am excited to see how these incredibly talented athletes perform in qualification with the target of the Olympic podium now within their sight. This process assures true geographical universality, while providing a pathway for participation by the top professionals.

“Olympic Surfing’s debut at Tokyo 2020 promises to be a unique moment. Together with the IOC and Tokyo 2020 we have pledged to bring Surfing’s vibrant culture and youthful energy to the Games in the form of an Olympic Beach Festival, which will run alongside the competition, and give an exciting dimension to the Olympic Surfing experience.

“We are delighted to continue to work alongside the IOC and the Tokyo Organising Committee to put together the best conditions for Surfing’s Olympic debut. I wish the many athletes from around the world the best of luck as they embark on this exciting journey through qualification.”

Saebass and Stu Kennedy visit Wavegarden Cove
16th March 2018
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Hawaiian pro surfer Sebastian Zietz has been surfing at Wavegarden's R&D center in northern Spain each year since 2014. On his last visit, his good friend and fellow pro surfer Stu Kennedy tagged along for a high performance man-on-man training session. “I have got Stu with me and I am excited to see how it goes”, said Zietz. “And I am more excited to just catch a million waves, cause that’s what I like to do”.
Hailing from Lennox Head, NSW, Australia, Stu Kennedy is considered to be one of the countries most well rounded and stylish surfers. Although Kennedy has travelled extensively, and ridden most of the world's best breaks, it was his maiden surf in a man-made wave facility. “It’s my first time to Wavegarden, pretty excited”, exclaimed Kennedy with a grin. “I have never really got to surf a wave pool, so I am definitely pumped on sharing the moment with Seabass”.
Since Zietz’s previous visit back in 2016, the variety of different waves at Wavegarden has expanded considerably. Zietz tested the Wavegarden Cove just days after the new generation technology was being tested for the first time. At that stage, it offered just 1 type of wave, a tubular slab. A lot of work has gone into expanding the technology’s capacity, and now there are approximately 30 different wave types of all shapes and sizes. “It definitely has got a lot of different waves to it this time”, confirmed Zietz. “It’s nice here because it’s not the same wave. The second and third waves are different. And then when they make it bigger and smaller, that’s different too. So it’s nice to get some training.”

The Wave team at the ISA World Adaptive Surf Championships
12th December 2017
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The Wave© founder Nick Hounsfield joined the English Team for the second year to support them in the World Adaptive Games in La Jolla, California. Find out more about the trip and the success of our English Adaptive Athletes…

The Wave London starts it's journey…
27th September 2017
The Wave London

The Wave© London is coming. The Wave© Team have always had aspirations to deliver their strong and inspiring vision to multiple locations. London is clearly an exciting opportunity with a huge number of residents and visitors and many of the social issues which The Wave© Team feel confident they can help with. More details will be released when ready but the aim is to have a London site up and running by the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The Wave Bristol gets planning approval
17th September 2017
The Wave Bristol

The Wave© Bristol has received full and final planning approval from South Gloucestershire Council to develop their inland surf destination using the brand new Wavegarden© Cove technology. The Wave team can now complete the legal processes and prepare for construction. Exciting times!

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