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We have a specific expertise in the development of inland surfing lakes and the associated facilities to deliver exciting and sustainable businesses. Underpinning our work is the desire to balance these developments with social and environmental responsibility. We see wave sports as a unique way of engaging and inspiring people into a healthier, more active lifestyle whilst providing a sustainable business and wider economic benefits.

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Surfing is an activity enjoyed by millions for its unrivalled excitement, chilled lifestyle and health benefits. Surfing is an iconic sport but is currently limited to specific coastal locations, to daylight hours and requires suitable ocean conditions, making it often hard to surf and tricky to learn.

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A surf destination is a healthy-lifestyle mixed-use destination designed around an inland surf lagoon. It serves a larger community and creates a destination where everyone ( all ages, backgrounds and abilities) can have fun, get healthy and be inspired.The surfing lake acts as the centrepiece and blends local retail, healthy food, world class sports and training, and an ongoing schedule of special and private events. It will create a uniqueness and create memorable experiences for new and returning visitors.

Our Vision

Our vision is to introduce surfing and wave sports to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

Whilst doing this, we also seek to create positive social impact through our day to day operations, for instance:

Develop destinations for people of all ages, all abilities and all backgrounds to try surfing, exercise and be more active & healthy.
Create an engaging, educational space for kids and visitors.
Increase the number of older people enjoying a higher quality of life through activities and social space.
Teach people about the growing and preparation of healthy food.
Create a rehabilitative environment for ex-servicemen and women with physical and emotional needs.
Integrate generations to encourage greater respect between them.
Give access to leisure facilities for terminally ill/disabled children.

The video (below) “Birthright” absolutely encapsulates the reason why we believe our destinations are needed and how the delivery of inspiring facilities will be a force for positive social change.

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