• The Wave Crowdfunders

    The Wave Crowdfunders

In 2014 we embarked on a reward based crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to take The Wave Bristol from a basic facility to something special. The funds raised have been ring fenced until construction begins.

We aimed to raise £150,000 and in 28 days managed to raise a staggering £224,000!

2% of these funds helped to start up our independent “Making Waves Foundation” that delivers social impact to the region.

The support was incredible and hit the national press in just a few days.

Most importantly, we managed to gather an incredible group of supporters for The Wave and many people pledged to be among the first people to surf The Wave prior to opening. This means we can have a great time all together before we even open the doors to the public and also get some really useful feedback in the wave commissioning period.

A special thanks goes out to some of our pledgers, who we now call our:


Jamie De Barros
Lucas Chinn
Fiona Beckie
Stuart Peverelle
Sarah Thomson
Stephen Lovell
Alf Anderson
Jens Fitter
Caroline Ball
Lyn Horscroft
Amy Lambert
Fran Evans
Dr Katie Mallam
Jonathan Day
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