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The Wave Productions

The Wave Productions is at the forefront of creative and intellectual work on surfing.

We produce, perform and curate groundbreaking films, exciting digital media content, dynamic books and pioneering educational programs that explore and celebrate surfing’s potential to inspire positive change and social good in both local and global contexts.

We live and breathe surf culture and are expert at crafting and creating highly engaging content, often in challenging locations. Our work engages with waves as both natural and cultural resources that demand future-facing and sustainable management practices. We are passionate to support emerging surf communities across the globe by telling their stories and showcasing models of best practice to advocate sustainable cultural tourism. We want to facilitate surfing and surfers to engage positively with the globe.

Our current leading outputs include:

The Surfing Brilliant Corners processional travel film series documenting emerging surf cultures, celebrating positives in often miss-represented locations and discussing critical issues of sustainability within surfing communities and surfing environments.

Online visual media content shared across a rapidly growing spectrum of social media feeds and The Cleanest Wave blog. On these platforms we have developed a unique approach to content publication that resonates powerfully with our fast growing audience. Our key ongoing themes include: Learning Through Surfing, Health and Wellbeing, Surf History, Surf Travel, Surf Science, Surf Events, Sustainability, Self-empowerment, Gender Equality, Emerging Surf Cultures, Communicating Surf Safety and Green/Ethical coding, Surf Exploration, Cultural Tourism and Sustainable Development.

Books on surfing and research in surf history, culture, surf science and surfing in education. Our latest book is Mindfulness and Surfing: reflections for saltwater souls. Mindfulness is usually described as an inward-looking process of stopping, reflecting and clearing the mind in learning a discipline of meditation or Zen awareness. Surfing as mindfulness, however, does something a little different. It does not simply take us inside ourselves to find a still centre, but rather orients us within the environment to find place. We are immersed in water. We are active, alert and intent on balance. Mindfulness in surfing is then, paradoxically, a moving out of mind into the world, moving against the grain of inner-directed thought and reflection into an acute sense of what the environment demands of us. In this sense, we move from ‘egology’ to ecology and we generate a ‘bodymindfulness’, locating ourselves in place and space.

Brilliant Corners Sierra Leone : Bureh Beach Surf Club
Presenter Sam Bleakley travels to West Africa to see how Sierra Leone has bounced back from the Ebola medical crisis, surf the rivermouths of the Western Peninsula, and meet the local crew at the Bureh Beach Surf Club. Like neighbouring Liberia, Sierra Leone is developing a proud local surf culture. Sam believes that the development of the Bureh Beach Surf Club One is one of the most exciting things happening along the 400 km long mainland coast, in front of a racy, consistent left pointbreak. ‘The waves they make you feel fine’ is the club motto, perhaps a future Sierra Leonean proverb that will soon attract more travelling surfers.

Brilliant Corners Oman : Desert Blues
Presenter Sam Bleakley travels to Oman to surf with the new wave of locals in the salty Arabian Sea, explore the complicated conversation between surf breaks as cultural, economic and aesthetic resources for both surfing and fishing communities, and experience a slice of desert wisdom from the legendary Bedouin. Pinned to the corner of the Arabian Peninsula, the eastern coast of Oman from Ras al Hadd (where the sheltered Gulf of Oman meets the exposed Arabian Sea) to Salalah (close to the Yemeni border) enjoys consistent waves during the April to October khareef season. But temperatures in Oman can reach 50 °C causing skeins of sand to hover like a glassy swell in a white-hot sea.

Brilliant Corners Ghana : Mr Brights Highlife
Presenter Sam Bleakley travels to Ghana to explore the relationship between surfing and dance, celebrate the work of UK raised West African surf school pioneer Brett ‘Mr Bright’ Davies, experience the local Highlife music, and journey to the closest land point to the geographic centre of the earth, where zero longitude and zero latitude meet. Bordering the Gulf of Guinea, Ghana has a lush, green 540 km long coastline, known as the Gold Coast, dotted with rolling right pointbreaks. English is the official language, flight access is relatively easy and this is one of the most stable countries in West Africa, so Sam is on a journey to learn how surfing resonates across the original Gold Coast.

Brilliant Corners Philippines : Mona Lisa Soul
Presenter Sam Bleakley travels to the Northern Philippines to see how San Juan has transformed from a rural backwater into a buzzing surf town, witness the powerful medicine of surfing as therapy, celebrate the work of surf school pioneer Luke Landrigan, and meet the area’s best female surfers flying the flag for the longboard glide. For surfers the Philippines has long been overshadowed by her southern neighbour, Indonesia. Yet the Philippines has a staggering surf potential, with over 7,000 islands and over 17,000 km of coastline. And San Juan in La Union is home to one of the historic centres of surfing in the country.

Brilliant Corners Mauritania : Sahara Sea
Mauritania is one of the great frontiers of African surf exploration. Presenter Sam Bleakley travels here with cameraman Jack Johns, Easkey Britton and Mike Lay to surf with the local crew at Le Warf in the capital Nouakchott, learn about a country that is riddled with government travel advisories, experience Chinguetti, a sprawl of labyrinthine streets on the edge of an immense sea of sand, and surf on the border of no-mans-land in the Nouadhibou peninsula, where unmapped landmines block access to the best waves in the country. Officially ‘the Islamic Republic of Mauritania’ this vast territory, fusing Arab North Africa and the sub-Saharan south, includes 750 km of Atlantic coastline, but only a handful of local surfers.

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