Beginner surf sessions no coaching

If you’ve already started your surfing journey with a lesson or two, then our beginner surf sessions are a great next step. These are a non coached session in the bay area of the lake. With consistent waves you’ll be able to practise the skills from your lessons, including paddling, catching waves, practising your pop ups and working on your balance.

Our beginner surf sessions are located in the bay, which is in the same area as the beginner lessons. These surf sessions are a great way for you to go solo and build confidence in the white water, as well as practise your positioning on the board. The consistent waves and controlled environment create the perfect space for you to master the surfing basics, get comfortable with the techniques and learn to deal with your board in different situations.

You will need to be ready at the lake 15 minutes before your session to receive your health and safety briefing.

Please note there is no dry side lesson in this session.

Beginner surf session – the facts and figures

  • Wave type: Small white water wave that ends at the shore.
  • Water depth: 0.8m
  • White water height: 0.5m
  • Wave length: 10-12 seconds
  • Non coached surf session

Our goals for you over a few beginner sessions:

  • Catch a white water wave alone
  • Be able to fall safely and to deal with the board in different situations
  • Be able to paddle or walk back to the take-off point, during or between sets
  • Start practising the paddle technique and paddle through and over white water
  • Stand up and surf the white water straight
  • Learn to turn whilst sitting on the board
  • Finish waves well and safely

Suitable for:

From 6 years and able to swim 25m unaided. The beginner bay area is all at a consistent depth of 0.8m.

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