Intermediate Lessons

We want to help people build really strong foundations from which to progress on their surfing journey. Our intermediate lessons are focused on developing brilliant technique, learning new manoeuvres and building up confidence with the core elements of surfing.

Surf Lessons on our Intermediate waves

Our intermediate surf lessons take place in the Reef area of the lake and they are all about improving your skills and boosting your confidence. They cover a range of areas, with a focus on learning how to control and manoeuvre your board as you ride the wave. Some of the key elements that you will touch on in the lessons are top and bottom turns, top turn snaps and cutbacks – as well as working on how to generate and maintain speed along a wave. The coaches will also work on helping you perfect your take-off!

The lessons are not only for those who are progressing from our Waikiki setting to the intermediate waves, but they are also highly recommended for anyone who wants to work on their core surfing technique. These lessons are about getting the foundations right - and possibly correcting any bad habits you may have picked up!

It is important to make sure you arrive 60 minutes before your selected time slot to ensure you have plenty of time to pick up your equipment and get suited and booted and ready to surf. Please ensure you have signed your waiver online before arriving to site.

Surfing and bodyboarding are physically challenging and carry risks that we cannot entirely eliminate. Have a look at our Health & Safety information and find out how to surf safely here.

Intermediate Lessons – The Facts and Figures

Lesson length: 1.5hrs (30mins land based and 1hr in the water)

Lesson size: Maximum of 10 surfers in a lesson, with two coaches

Equipment: At this time, we'd recommend that those surfing our intermediate waves bring their own wetsuit and surfboard if they have them. If not, then you are welcome to use one of the softboards from our racks for your intermediate lesson.


Our goals for you over a few Intermediate lessons:

  • Develop stronger paddle technique and strength
  • Perfect your take-off
  • Learn to generate and control speed as you trim along the wave
  • Perfect your bottom turn - the most important turn in the surfing handbook!
  • Practice and feel more confident with your top turns, top turn snaps and cut backs

Ideal for surfers:

  • Looking to practise paddle technique and strength
  • Wanting to learn how to turn, and/or improve their turn technique, on consistent waves
  • Wanting to learn how to generate and control speed along the wave

Suitable for those who can:

  • Paddle well
  • Catch waves and pop up with confidence
  • Ride and trim on the wave
  • Generate their own speed
  • Have started to perform bottom turns

The Intermediate lessons are open to everyone aged 6+, as long as they are confident they have the required skills to ride this wave.

Intermediate wave

Our intermediate sessions are unbroken waves with more strength and a steeper take off than our Waikiki waves. They offer a range of open-faced waves, both on the right and left of the lake. The Waves have a soft incline and slow peeling speed, with some steeper sections.

  • Water depth: 1.5m at take off
  • Wave height: 1m
  • Wave length: 10 seconds