Surf slots are released three times a year

Surf slots and surf sessions with lessons are available to book to 4 March 2020. This is our Warm-up phase when we're testing out the wave types and sessions we're running.

Our warm-up phase

When we first open our doors and start pushing waves we'll be in our warm-up phase. This will be an opportunity for surfers to come along and try out The Wave and our Wavegarden Cove technology before we officially open.

Our surf slots are on general sale for the period from now to 4 March 2020.

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What is Warm-up?

This will be a chance to get a look at what we have created and to ride some of our first waves.

The lake will be pushing amazing waves and the Clubhouse will be ready, although we will still be working on some of the landscaping around our 70 acre site.

Rather than wait until every little element of the site is 100% complete, we’ve decided to get people in to see the wonderful space we're creating sooner rather than later. There may be a little bit of work going on around the edges, trees will still be being planted and not all the grass will have grown, but come and have a surf, a bite to eat in the cafe, a drink on the terrace and a browse in the shop - and give us feedback.

We want to hear what people think - your views will help us make sure that The Wave is a really special place. We'd love you to be part of our exciting journey.

Release months

Priority booking for seven days, three times a year with Early Rider

A guide to when surf sessions will be released for booking.

Surfer passholder Release date
Early Rider and Crowdfunder only 13 August 2019
General sale 20 August 2019 - midday
Early Rider and Crowdfunder only Early-November 2019
General sale Mid-November 2019
Early Rider and Crowdfunder only Early-March 2020
General sale Mid-March 2020
Early Rider and Crowdfunder only Early-September 2020
General sale Mid-September 2020

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