Our Surfer Saver gives you 12 surfs for price of 9


If you want to surf more frequently and become a regular in The Wave line-up, our Surfer Saver is perfect for you. It saves you over £10 every time you surf. Whether you want to fast track your surfing, use it to ride our advanced waves every week or simply want to know you have a year’s worth of surfing banked at a fixed price, you’ll love this bundle.

What you need to know

  • The Surfer Saver costs £400 and loads up your account with 12 surfs sessions for the price of 9.
  • It means each surf session costs just £34.
  • The surf sessions can be used whenever you want - once a week, every month or even in across 12 days if you’re on a holiday!
  • The surfs can be used for advanced or intermediate sessions all year round - so buy now and use later in the year if that suits you.
  • The Surfer Saver means you’re paying a fixed price for all sessions regardless of the season.
  • Only available to buy until 14 February 2020.

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