Waikiki surf session

Our Waikiki waves are friendly, fun waves! Like their Hawaiian name-sake, they offer a gentle experience that is particularly great if you are looking to progress from the white water in the bay to catch your first green, unbroken wave.

This is the perfect wave for improvers, but also a really fun wave for more experienced surfers wanting to have a mellow surf, or for groups of mixed surfing ability wanting to enjoy a session together.

Wave Type

The Waikiki wave is a slow, mellow, spilling wave, which is soft breaking but also a longer ride from the reef area. This wave provides more time for the surfer to get to their feet, adjust their footing, take a deep breath and enjoy the ride! These waves are slightly smaller than our Intermediate waves.

The way the Waikiki wave breaks is ideal for developing paddle strength. The natural direction of the wave is away from the wall, guiding you back towards the channel and helping with the paddle back out to the line-up.

For improvers, a Waikiki session will allow you to travel a greater distance, faster, start to introduce you to turns and help you gain greater board control. It will also offer an introduction to surfing etiquette and experience of being in a line up, plus help you develop paddle technique and stamina.

Wave facts and figures

Waikiki wave: a green, unbroken wave in the reef area

Water depth: 1.5 at take off

Wave height: 0.75m

Wave length: 8-11 seconds

Ideal for

  • Surfers who want to progress beyond riding white water waves
  • Those who can consistently stand up on most waves they catch in the white water
  • Those who want to learn to turn on waves
  • Surfers that need to develop their paddle strength and technique
  • More experienced surfers that are looking for a mellow wave

Our goals for you over a few Waikiki sessions:

  • Catch a green unbroken wave
  • Learn to fall safely and start to be able to deal with the board in different situations
  • Be able to paddle back to the take-off point, during or between sets
  • Start practising paddle technique and develop paddle strength to paddle against a gentle current
  • Practice turning
  • Practice how to finish waves well and safely

Suitable for:

Improving surfers who have caught many beginner waves and can ride their waves in the bay with control and are looking for the next challenge. Also great for experienced surfers wanting to have a mellow surf, or for groups of mixed surfing ability wanting to enjoy a session together.

There are varying water depths and surfers may be out of their depth when paddling back to the take off.

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