4th October 2018

Diggers have been rolling


It’s a massive moment for us here at The Wave – we have teams of diggers and trucks on site. The earthworks team has rolled in and is working hard to build the ground levels, create access and put in services ready for the main construction phase.

Abby Richardson
Wavemaker - Media Team

Autumn 2019 opening

The project is rapidly becoming a very exciting reality and we are on schedule to open in our doors in Autumn 2019!

We have had a busy three months preparing the site. We have carried out extensive and detailed archaeological work, which unearthed some interesting Roman artefacts, including coins, pottery and a variety of ancient relics. These have been logged, preserved and later we hope to display what we have found on site. We have also taken the time to very carefully remove the nutrient-rich topsoil and store it carefully so that it can be reused later on, ensuring we get the best growing conditions for our seeding and planting.

Groundworks begin

Alongside the physical work taking place, the team has been developing a wide range of elements, from food and drink facilities and camping accommodation to surfboard hire, wetsuits and interior design. It’s all coming together and we can’t wait to share a sneak preview of some of these things with you over the coming months.


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