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11th May 2021

What has shaped surfing’s culture of ‘cool’?

From laidback go-with-the-flow attitudes, to post-punk-hipster, lifestyles have been shaped around the ‘cool’ of surfing.

Sam Bleakley
22nd January 2021

Surfing’s Olympic Debut - My Thoughts

Surfing is set to make its Olympic debut in the Tokyo Games this year and UK Sport recently announced a £1.35 million investment into surfing, as part of a new Progression investment, which supports the long-term medal potential of new Olympic sports to uncover champions of the future.

Nick Hounsfield
19th September 2019

The big fill starts as water turned on in The Wave Bristol

After months spent building the amazing feat of engineering that is our 200m lake, we finally turned the taps on. Water is flowing and the big fill is officially underway.

Abby Richardson
Wavemaker - Media Team
15th July 2019

Engineering at the heart of The Wave

The lake that lies at the heart of The Wave is a pretty incredible feat of engineering. As well as working closely with the brilliant engineers at Wavegarden in Spain, we also have our own structural engineering team from Bristol-based company, Hydrock. Meet out engineering team.

Abby Richardson
Wavemaker - Media Team
12th June 2019

Behind the scenes: building our Clubhouse

We met up with architect, Adam Parsons, to chat about our beautiful new building; The Clubhouse. We discuss what inspired him when designing it and how he feels seeing it getting close to completion.

Abby Richardson
Wavemaker - Media Team
3rd May 2019

Surf etiquette: a fun way to teach your kids some manners

The little codes of honour between surfers can really rub off on your kids, and a few hours learning to surf can teach them good manners without them even realising they're being taught.

Nina Whitby
Wavemaker - Content
30th April 2019

International Leadership Programme

The Wave Founder, Nick Hounsfield, has been selected to be part of the UK Sport International Leadership Programme 2019. Just 15 people are chosen to be part of the prestigious programme, which is now in its tenth year.

Abby Richardson
Wavemaker - Media Team
7th March 2019

The Wave puts down roots with founding copse of trees

Symbolic trees planted on site marking the first of over 7,500 that will be planted on the site this year alone.

31st December 2018

England takes gold at the World Adaptive Surfing Championship

On my third trip to the ISA World Adaptive Games, I had the enviable opportunity to spend a week in warm Californian sunshine with a group of truly exceptional athletes who are part of a developing movement of serious competition, dedication and stoke.

Nick Hounsfield