30th April 2019

International Leadership Programme

The Wave Founder, Nick Hounsfield, has been selected to be part of the UK Sport International Leadership Programme 2019. Just 15 people are chosen to be part of the prestigious programme, which is now in its tenth year.

Abby Richardson
Wavemaker - Media Team

Individuals from across the sporting world

The talented individuals come from a range of sports, including sailing, gymnastics, fencing, rugby - and for the first time, surfing.

The year-long programme will develop their knowledge, expertise and skills. The tailored modules cover elements such as the international sporting landscape, building powerful relationships, negotiating and influencing techniques, cross-cultural working, sport governance and communicating effectively with international audiences. Participants also benefit from specific personal development opportunities and on completion, join an ever growing and influential ‘ILP Alumni’ network of more than 100 graduates.

Director at Surfing England

Nick has been a Director at Surfing England for over four years and has been integral in setting up British Surfing. He has also been heavily involved in supporting and growing the profile of British adaptive surfing - resulting in the English team winning a record number of medals in last December’s World Adaptive Surf Championships. Being chosen for the International Leadership Programme feels like a natural next step and means he will be a key part of UK surfing on an international stage.

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