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16th May 2019

Why surfing therapy is great for mental health

We know from our own experience that surfing makes us feel great. After a session we feel more relaxed, revitalised and reconnected, and we aren’t the only ones noticing this dramatic wellbeing shift.

Abby Richardson
Wavemaker - Media Team
16th January 2019

Health benefits of surfing for body and mind

Explore how taking to the waves can benefit the mind and body and discover the benefits of surfing for individuals, groups and even whole communities.

Nina Whitby
Wavemaker - Content
18th December 2018

Is surfing risky in the rain?

Want to surf, whatever the weather? Then The Wave is the place for you. Find out about the risks of surfing in the sea when there's heavy rain and storms about – and why you'll be safe at The Wave.

Nina Whitby
Wavemaker - Content
11th September 2018

How to prevent surfer's ear?

Nick Hounsfield