1st December 2018

Surfing in London

Live in the city? Tired of trekking to the closest beach to London to seek out the surf? Find out why surfing in London's now looking likely for 2022.

Abby Richardson
Wavemaker - Media Team

Our partnership with Lee Valley Regional Park Authority in London means that we’re now developing our planning application for the first inland surfing destination in London. This exciting partnership means that our dream of opening a world-class surfing destination in London is closer than ever.

Our joint plans would reinvigorate the land next to the Lee Valley Athletics Centre in Edmonton, North London, and encourage more people to get outside in nature and get active through surfing. The £40m project would enhance over 100 acres of land in Lee Valley Regional Park and could make London the first capital city in the world to offer an inland surfing destination.

Just like our Bristol surf park, the site would allow people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to have a go at surfing. That means whether you’re a child stepping on a board for the first time or a pro-surfer training for the Olympics you can enjoy surfing in London for the first time.

Our next steps

The project is at an early stage. The next steps include a programme of consultation with local communities and interested organisations plus extensive, detailed site analysis. Once these have been completed, and subject to the results, a planning application will be submitted.

Shaun Dawson, Chief Executive of Lee Valley Regional Park Authority, is as excited about the project as we are. He said: 'The Wave London would complement our existing world-class sports venues up and down the 26-mile-long Regional Park, including our three hugely popular London 2012 legacy venues providing the best cycling, white water, hockey and tennis opportunities to be found anywhere.

'Lee Valley Leisure Complex was once a sewage works and rubbish dumps. A generation ago we built what was then Europe’s largest leisure centre. Now we hope to bring inland surfing here to create an outstanding new leisure destination for the capital and the region. This marks another exciting chapter in the history of the Lee Valley.'

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Abby Richardson
Wavemaker - Media Team

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