Bristol Businesses Launch ‘We Care’ Campaign to get Food Packages to Ukraine

British Corner Shop and The Wave working together on humanitarian support

Two Bristol based businesses, British Corner Shop and The Wave, have launched a campaign to get food packages directly to those in need in Ukraine. The We Care package costs £30 and contains essential non-perishable food items including peanut butter, baked beans, soup, pasta and baby food, can be bought off the British Corner Shop website. It will then be taken by trucks directly into Lviv in Ukraine, as part of Climate Action’s 20-20-20 Campaign, which is aiming to deliver 20 trucks of essential aid into Ukraine.

The ‘We Care’ campaign came about when both Bristol businesses were discussing their desire to do something to help with humanitarian support for those affected by the war in Ukraine.

Craig Stoddart, CEO at The Wave, said:

“Like everyone I was reading about the invasion of Ukraine and watching the war unfold – and wanted to do something tangible to help. We reached out to fellow Bristol business, British Corner Shop, as knew they were experts in logistics, export and food distribution. We thought that with their expertise, and our customer base and reach, we could come up with a way to help.”

The teams developed the idea of a food package people could buy, but were struggling with how to get the aid into Polish refugee camps or directly to Ukraine.

Mark Callaghan, Founder of British Corner Shop, explains:

“We could set up a way for people to buy a food package and had the network to source the products, but knew we had to work with a partner to get the food to where it was needed most. We could also see there were issues getting donations into Ukraine with UK registered trucks – and this is where Climate Action came in.”

The Founder and CEO of Climate Action, Nick Henry, wanted to use their platform to directly help those in Ukraine. He discovered a UK logistics company called Oddisey, who were using Ukrainian trucks to transport donated aid from London straight to Lviv and were trying to raise funding to pay for additional trucks.

Nick Henry, Founder and CEO at Climate Action explains:

“All businesses have a corporate social responsibility, and the desperate situation in Ukraine was something I felt incredibly strongly about, so after identifying a reliable and cost-effective logistics route for trucks from London to Lviv, we created the Ukraine 20 –20 –20 Campaign, with the objective of delivering 20 trucks, carrying 20 tonnes of aid to Lviv in 20 days”.

Mark adds:

“People want to do something tangible to support and like being able to see the impact their donation makes. The We Care package contains items requested by those on the ground in the Ukraine to ensure it is full of what is most needed. We are aiming to send out a truck of provisions at least once a week, but we are building the capability to increase this if purchases of the packages are high.”

  • We Care Package Contents:
  • Heinz Baked Beans 4 Pack
  • Yorkshire Tea Bags 80s
  • Heinz Cream Of Tomato Soup 4 Pack
  • Pot Noodle Chicken and Mushroom
  • Batchelors Cup A Soup – vegetable
  • Kraft Cheesy Pasta
  • McVities Digestives
  • Mcvities Jaffa Cakes 10 Pack
  • Ellas Kitchen 6 Month Organic Banana Baby Brekkie x 2
  • Batchelors Pasta N Sauce Pot Chicken & Mushroom
  • Sun Pat Smooth Peanut Butter x 2
  • Robinsons Mini Orange No Added Sugar

Climate Action is working with a local Ukrainian charitable foundation called Humanitarian Initiatives, which is providing constant feedback, including photos and videos, of aid being off-loaded in Lviv and distributed to recipients in cities and regions right across Ukraine. They also receive a weekly report from Humanitarian Initiatives, itemising the aid delivered and where it has been delivered to.

The teams involved have taken time planning this activity, to ensure it can be a long-term solution for getting aid into Ukraine, for as long it is required. Once they have a clearer idea on likely weekly volumes, then the plan is to set targets to achieve over the coming months.

The Wave’s part in the campaign is to use its customer base, social media following, marketing support and many partners and suppliers, to spread the message far and wide, encouraging as many people as possible to purchase a We Care package.