1 Jun

Surfing and Sustainability

by Sam Bleakley

Multi coloured softech surfboards in a surf rack at the Wave inland surfing lake in Bristol
Sustainability is a central pillar to a resilient and healthy surfing future. But what does ‘sustainability’ mean to us as surfers?

31 May

The Brazilian Storm

by Sam Bleakley

Brazil has recently injected a much-needed spirit of diversity into the annual world title race in an exciting movement collectively known as ‘the Brazilian Storm...

29 May

A Place Together

by Sam Bleakley

Surfing is not all go-it-alone, but usually a social activity where sharing space is demanded.
Surfer riding green waves at the inland surfing lake of The Wave in Bristol
Jenny Jones is a British professional snowboarder who became the first Briton ever to win an Olympic snowsport event, after winning a bronze medal at the 2014 Winter Olympi...
From laidback go-with-the-flow attitudes, to post-punk-hipster, lifestyles have been shaped around the ‘cool’ of surfing.
Surfing is one of the best activities to take you outside of your comfort zone by immersion in a liquid environment.

7 May

The ‘Shortboard Revolution’

by Sam Bleakley

Shred surfing at The Wave, inland surfing lake in Bristol
Walking through The Clubhouse at The Wave is a feast for the senses, and hung from the walls is a quiver of vintage surfboards that celebrate design breakthroughs from the...
A wave breaking at The Wave Bristol inland surf destination
Surfing is set to make its Olympic debut in the Tokyo Games this year and UK Sport recently announced a £1.35 million investment into surfing, as part of a new Progression...

13 Jan

Ice Ice Baby

by The Wave Team

Cold water has been receiving a lot of attention of late, being touted as a treatment for depression, a way to slow down dementia and a brilliant boost for our immune...