4 Aug

The Birth of British Surf Films

by Sam Bleakley

Ask any British surfer from any generation, and they will surely agree that seeing surf films by British filmmakers is hugely inspiring. But where did it all begin?

3 Aug

Afro Surf and She Surf

by Sam Bleakley

Surf and She Surf: The Rise of Female Surfing are two brilliant books to get you fired up about the bright and exciting future of waveriding.

30 Jul

Never Too Old

by Sam Bleakley

You’re never too old to surf. Only injury might slow you down, but even then our minds can stay much younger than our bodies.

30 Jun

Climate Surfers

by Sam Bleakley

One of the biggest ways to tackle the climate crisis can come from cutting our own carbon emissions: flying less and driving less, eating less meat and wasting less food...
Exciting news... we are hosting the 2021 dryrobe English Adaptive Surfing Open on Thursday 8th July.

1 Jun

Surfing and Sustainability

by Sam Bleakley

Multi coloured softech surfboards in a surf rack at the Wave inland surfing lake in Bristol
Sustainability is a central pillar to a resilient and healthy surfing future. But what does ‘sustainability’ mean to us as surfers?

31 May

The Brazilian Storm

by Sam Bleakley

Brazil has recently injected a much-needed spirit of diversity into the annual world title race in an exciting movement collectively known as ‘the Brazilian Storm...

29 May

A Place Together

by Sam Bleakley

Surfing is not all go-it-alone, but usually a social activity where sharing space is demanded.
Surfer riding green waves at the inland surfing lake of The Wave in Bristol
Jenny Jones is a British professional snowboarder who became the first Briton ever to win an Olympic snowsport event, after winning a bronze medal at the 2014 Winter Olympi...