On my third trip to the ISA World Adaptive Games, I had the enviable opportunity to spend a week in warm Californian sunshine with a group of truly exceptional athletes who...

18 Dec

Is surfing risky in the rain?

by The Wave Team

Surfing in the rain is no problem at all at The Wave. There is no reason you wouldn't want to surf in the rain - you're going to get wet anyway!
Things are full steam ahead on The Wave Bristol and we have recently appointed Andrew Scott Limited as our main contractor for the build phase of the project.
When you're surfing, your face gets wet, right? This can cause problems for those of us who wear glasses or contact lenses. But there are lots of options to keep you seeing...

4 Oct

Diggers have been rolling

by The Wave Team

It’s a massive moment for us here at The Wave – we have teams of diggers and trucks on site. The earthworks team has rolled in and is working hard to build the ground...

11 Sep

How to prevent surfer’s ear?

by The Wave Team

Man enjoying surfing during winter at The Wave in Bristol
Surfer's ear affects your balance and enjoyment of surfing. Explore how to prevent ear infections and reduce surfer's ear symptoms to get you back on board.