The Wave FAQ's

What is The Wave?

The Wave© is the brand for surf park developments in the UK and Europe. We are creating unique, world class, inland surfing environments which bring the ocean inland.
The surf destinations feature ground breaking, man-made, surf lakes which use Wavegarden ‘Cove’ wave generating technology. The lakes deliver high quality, authentic surf waves and create ideal conditions for surfing and other surf sports.

Where are these developments planned?

Bristol UK
London UK

What else does The Wave do?

The Wave© also runs The Wave Productions which is at the cutting edge of creative and intellectual work on surfing.

We produce, perform and curate groundbreaking films, exciting digital media content, dynamic books and pioneering educational programs that explore and celebrate surfing’s potential to inspire positive change and social good in both local and global contexts.

What is the lake layout?

A standard lake measures approximately 155 metres in length by 155 metres in width, however the length and width of a lake will vary from site to site.

The lake is divided into surfing zones. These include the ‘Peak’ in the central part of the lake, which is designed for experienced surfers and the ‘Bays’ which are at each edge of the lake, which are perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers.

The Wavegarden ‘Cove’ technology can provide perfect breaking waves on the ‘Peak’ and the ‘Bays’ up to every 8 seconds, resulting in excess of 1,000 surfing waves per hour!

When the team have surfed the demo facility, we were not able to catch all the waves on offer!

Do I need to be able to surf to try it out?

The Wave© lake can accommodate non-surfers, beginners and improvers, through to expert surfers simultaneously.

Our bespoke coaching pathway will allow people to progress through the zones of the surf lake in the ‘Bays’, and improve their technique until they are ready to take on the main ‘Peak’. Even the ‘Peak’ can be adjusted to go from a large but friendly wave to a hollow, grinding barrel.

The Wave© team have surfed the Cove several times in the demo facility and we are of very mixed ability! It was an incredible experience!

Is it safe?

Surfing is typically a safe activity. The Wave is designed with safety as a core priority. Most hazards of ocean surfing will either avoided, managed or minimised to greatly improve safety. Surf lifeguards specifically trained in the lake environment and video monitoring systems will further enhance safety.

I have a disability, can I use The Wave?

100%! The Wave© has a founding principle on being available for people of all ages, background and ability. It is ideal for introducing the sport of surfing to those who do not have access to waves. It is also a perfect environment for persons with disabilities to learn and improve.

I’m a pretty good surfer, will surfing The Wave help me progress?

Just like any sport, progression in surfing depends on practice; which is dependent on how often you surf and the number of waves you actually get to ride.

Unlike other sports, surfing requires the right conditions (in the UK surf is only good 30% of the year) and for that to occur in daylight hours. At The Wave these issues are removed, allowing surfers to surf regularly and at whatever time best suits them.

The wave lake is also ideal to advance your surfing with instant video feedback, consistent waves, training programmes with elite surfers. We also have close links and partnerships with sports scientists, coaches, shapers and surf companies experimenting with their new products and technologies.

When can I surf the first waves?

The Wave© Bristol has begun enabling works and it should be finished by mid-late 2019

Will there be memberships available?

Yes there will, we will aim to keep the cost similar to a gym membership. This will allow people to book in regularly. The Wave© memberships will be transferable between venues.

What type of waves can be made?

The lake is capable of generating a variety of waves, from gentle, spilling beginner waves, right through to high-performance barrelling waves up to 1.9m in height. The size and speed of waves in the lagoon can be varied, making it suitable for all skill levels.

Waves can be adjusted within seconds!

Is the wave powerful enough?

The beauty of the Wavegarden ‘Cove’ technology is that energy is constantly delivered into the wave. This ensures that waves have constant power, shape, full height and speed through a ride.

Is there much noise from the wave making machinery?

The wave generating equipment is almost silent. The operation of the lake just has the natural sound of peeling waves, which has minimal auditory impact.

Will The Wave developments look like a beach?

Surfing for many people is as much about the environment as it is the actual catching of waves. We will create destinations for surfers and non-surfers that reconnects people with nature. We will do this through stunning landscaping, tree planting and the use of natural materials wherever possible.

How much energy is used to power these waves?

The Wavegarden ‘Cove’ generator is the most energy efficient surfing wave generator available. The Wave destinations will require about the same amount of energy per annum as a small, indoor water park.

We have committed to source all of the energy requirements of the venues from renewable sources, and will generate renewable energy on site through the use of solar PV panels.
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