Surf risk and waiver

Please read all information below carefully and sign the waiver when you arrive at The Wave.

Please read carefully before completing

It is important that you read and understand this acknowledgement of risk and waiver before completing it. You will not be permitted to take part in any surf session or other activity in the lake until it has been completed. If you will be under 18 years old on the day of your booked activity, the waiver must be completed by your parent or legal guardian. If there is anything that you do not understand please ask a member of The Wave Staff or contact out Customer Service Team on 0333 016 4133.

Acknowledgement of risk

Surfing and bodyboarding are physically challenging and carry risks that we cannot entirely eliminate, including damage to property, personal injury and in extremely rare circumstances, even fatalities. You will reduce these risks by following The Wave Safety Rules set out below and all the instructions given to you by The Wave Staff.

The Wave can produce a variety of waves of different speeds, shapes and sizes, which allows us to provide a safe environment for all abilities, from beginners to professionals. Information and videos about the types of waves in each session and any specific risks or safety rules relating to the session are available on our website. The sessions are graded by ability. It is your responsibility to read the session descriptions , watch the videos provided and to ensure that you are competent to take part safely in your chosen session. If, during a session, we feel that you are not competent and may put yourself or others at risk, we reserve the right to remove you from the session without refund or compensation.

We strongly advise that you begin with the easier sessions and work your way up. If you have any questions at all about the level of skill required for a session, please ask a member of The Wave Staff or contact our Customer Service Team.


In the absence of any negligence or other breach of duty by us:

  • Your use of our equipment, facility and participation in any activity while at The Wave is entirely at your own risk.
  • We are not responsible for any theft, damage, destruction or loss of your property or belongings while using our facilities.
  • We accept no liability for any direct or indirect loss, damage or injury arising from or in connection with your participation in any activity at The Wave.

The Wave safety rules

  • You must behave sensibly and follow all safety instructions so as not to hurt or injure yourself or others.
  • We can provide you with the equipment you need to safely enjoy your surf session. It is your responsibility to use all equipment safely and as directed.
  • You must attend the safety briefing before participating in any activity in the lake and raise any concerns or lack of understanding with The Wave Staff.
  • You must read the session descriptions, watch the videos and respect the ability gradings, even if you have taken part in a session before. We make ongoing changes and improvements to our sessions, so they may have changed since your last visit. You must not take part in a session that is beyond your current level of ability.
  • You must be aware of the varying ability of other people in the lake. Be friendly, courteous and respectful of other people. Poor conduct will not be tolerated.
  • We strongly recommend that you do not participate in any surfing session at The Wave if you are pregnant as it may cause harm to you or your unborn child. If you are pregnant and choose to participate, you do so at your own risk.
  • You must not participate if you are under the influence of alcohol or non-prescription drugs or if you are taking any medication that may impair your physical ability.
  • You must follow all safety warnings or instructions displayed or given to you by a member of The Wave Staff. Please ask a member of The Wave Staff if you are unclear.
  • You must be able to swim at least 25 metres unaided.
  • We are not qualified to express an opinion that you are fit to participate safely. If you suffer from any medical condition, illness or injury which may affect your ability to participate in surfing, bodyboarding or any other activities at The Wave, we recommend you obtain professional or specialist advice from your doctor and contact our Customer Services Team on 0333 016 4133 to discuss your specific requirements.
  • You agree to comply fully with the rules set out in our Booking Terms and Conditions.
  • If your ability to participate safely is affected or changes at any time after completing the waiver you must notify a member of The Wave Staff or contact the Customer Services Team on 0333 016 4133.

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