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Suitable for Bodyboarders competent on the beginner wave aged 6+
PRICES FROM: £39 (Child £28)

Improver Bodyboarding Session

Our improver bodyboarding sessions are dedicated to bodyboarders, allowing the perfect space to learn how to catch green waves

Improver Bodyboarding

Improver bodyboarding takes place in the reef area of the lake and is the perfect next step for bodyboarders who have mastered the art of catching waves in the bay. On this session you will be exclusively with other bodyboarders on the reef, learning how to move around the lake wearing swim fins, as well as how to position yourself to take off and catch unbroken waves. 

Our Improver bodyboarding sessions offer a range of open-faced waves. Some have faces with a soft incline and slow peeling speed, while others break more rapidly with steeper sections. The host will be on hand to give all body boarders great tips and advice on how best to ride this wave, developing the ability to take off and trim along an unbroken wave face. 

Facts and Figures

Arrive 60 mins before: You must arrive at least 60 minutes before your session

Wave height: 1m

Session length: 1 hour

Water depth: 1.5m at take off

Wave duration: 10 seconds

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You should arrive 60 minutes before your session starts. This gives you time to walk from the carpark, check-in for your surf, collect your equipment, get changed and be ready for your Health & Safety briefing 15 minutes before your session starts.
We are sorry but we are only able to allow assistance dogs on site.


The improver bodyboarding session is open to everyone aged 6+ who are able to swim 25m unaided. 

This session is exclusively for bodyboarders, with the focus on learning to catch unbroken waves.

Experienced bodyboarders who can already confidently ride the intermediate wave setting and higher at The Wave, are very welcome to book this session but should consider the following: 

  • This session is about learning and developing  
  • Be prepared to help and teach bodyboarders who may not catch all waves successfully


  • Catch and ride a green, unbroken wave 
  • Deal safely with falling off a wave, by mounting the board and paddling safely out of the way of other wave riders 
  • Use swim fins effectively to move around the lake, as well as catch waves and steer the board 
  • Develop steering and turning techniques to make the most of each wave ride 
  • End waves well and safely 

Who's it for?

  • Exclusively for individuals riding bodyboards 
  • Bodyboarders who are competent in catching white water waves 
  • People who are developing confidence in water out of their depth with a bodyboard 
  • Those developing their kick technique wearing swim fins to maneuver around the lake, as well as to catch unbroken waves. 
  • Bodyboarders who are developing their steering technique when riding unbroken waves 
  • Perfect for more advanced bodyboarders who may want to bring a friend and help them learn 

Beginner Bodyboarding

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Surf sessions are an hour long experience without a lesson or coach. We have a range of surf sessions available, make sure you select the right one for your ability to get the most out of your surf session.
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