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Sophie Hellyer

The Wave Ambassador Sophie Hellyer is an amazing role model for surfers around the world, advocating ethical living, challenging unjust inequalities in society, giving a voice to women often ignored in the surf media and empowering people to reshape consumer behaviour.
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The Wave - Around the World in 80 Waves (1 - 20)

The next four features celebrate eighty mouthwatering waves from across the globe. Not the usual collection of heavyweights, but a fine mix of ludicrously long points and perfect peelers (from Algeria to the Western Sahara) that will hopefully keep your fires stoked. Enjoy the ride…
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First Time Surfing

Do you remember your first time surfing? Here is a pretty cute video of 11 month old Kaimana hitting the waves for the first time in Hawaii. John John… watch your back!
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The Wave - A Sense of Place

Sense of place is a hugely important element to surfing. Relationships with specific locations not only educate acute sensitivity to the environment and landscape, but also atmosphere and change, in turn influencing character, behaviour and surfing style.
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