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Sophie Hellyer

Raised in Westward Ho, Devon and now based in the clean cold waters of County Clare, Ireland, environmentalist, social activist, writer and The Wave Ambassador Sophie Hellyer is a fantastic role model for surfers around the world, advocating ethical living, reducing food miles, challenging unjust inequalities in society, giving a voice to women often ignored in the surf media and empowering people to reshape consumer behaviour.

She was raised in a passionate surfing family, and with English and British titles and an honours degree in Marketing, Sophie participated in a wide range of impactful modelling campaigns and magazine cover shoots, but never lost touch with the core values that drive her love of the outdoors, coaching surfing, working at the incredible organic community farm Moy Hill Farm and now the family run surf school and eco shop Green Room Lahinch.

“I just love being in the water,” says Sophie. “If there’s no surf, I’ll still put my wetsuit on, jump in the sea and just go for a swim in the middle of the winter ‘cause I like being in the ocean. It’s a huge part of me.”

Sophie’s contribution and impact is vital for a healthier and brighter future for female surfing.

“Despite all the surfing women in my community, I find it strange and frightening that we are often misrepresented, or more commonly, not represented at all in the films, photos and stories. The internet and film festivals are full with tales of what surfing is like on this beautiful island of Ireland and there is rarely a woman featured without her being a mother, wife or barmaid. But we are here, throughout every season, paddling out and riding waves. It is our story too.”
"The Looking Sideways Action Sports Podcast", recently caught up with Sophie and it is well worth a listen…
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