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18 Oct

Our first waves are testing

by The Wave Team

We have a full lake of water and we have been testing waves.  It was a very big moment for the team as the first surfing waves rolled down the lake and the dream became a reality.

“I can’t really put into words what it is like to see these perfect waves rolling down the fields at last. All I can say is a huge thank you to all the family, friends, Wave team, Wavegarden, funders and supporters that have backed us over the years and enabled our dream to become a reality. The opportunity to improve lives through these waves is enormous and it’s something we are really excited to share with everyone.”

What can you expect on site when we open? 

Our lake looks wonderful, our clubhouse is very nearly complete and we can’t wait to get people in to show them what we have created. We have made the decision to open our doors before the whole site is finished and we will still be under construction in places. We want to be as clear as possible about the experience and what to expect on day one, so here’s an update on what will be going on during our warm-up phase:

- We’re still growing - we will be seeding much of the site during November. This will take a while to take root and green up, so the site will be decidedly brown when we first open!

- You’ll notice that our team are busy landscaping the site and planting some of the 16,000 trees, plus the hedgerows, grasses and wildflower seeds that will help make this a very special place to be. We are beginning the  process of re-wilding large areas of land to help develop a strong and healthy local ecosystem and improve biodiversity, but it will take a while!

- Our walking trails won’t be ready when we open our doors. By Summer 2020, we plan on opening an extensive network of walking trails, but we aren’t there yet

- There will be temporary fencing in place to make sure people can’t stray into areas under construction. 

- Our children’s play area by the Clubhouse will not be built. We are aiming to have this in place as soon as possible but likely to be early 2020

We are so excited about this special place we are creating and can’t wait to share it with you all very soon.