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Surf Bundles

The best way to save on your surfing

x4 Bundle

4 surf sessions or lessons

Adult: £200

Child: £160

Use by: 3 months after purchase

x10 bundle

Adult: £480

Child: 380

Use by: 12 months after purchase


x25 bundle

Adult: £1125

Child: £875

Use by: 12 months after purchase

x50 bundle

Adult: £2000

Child: £1500

Use by: 12 months after purchase

save on your surfing

Save and get discounted surfs by buying a bundle of surf sessions or lessons in one go. Choose the amount that suits you. Book your surfs as you go to fit around your schedule.

Buy a bundle

How to Redeem Your Surfs

Your bundle credits can now be found in your online account under “Bundles”

From here click “Reedem Bundles” and choose the surf type you’d like to book, then the date.

Please note: You can only redeem one surf from your bundle per transaction.


Gift Vouchers

Choose a gift voucher amount to suit you. The recipient has the flexibility to choose when they'd like to book their surf. The perfect gift for surf addicts or those looking to learn.

Surf Sessions

Surf sessions are an hour long experience without a lesson or coach. We have a range of surf sessions available, make sure you select the right one for your ability to get the most out of your surf session.
Nick Hounsfield surfing at The Wave, inland surfing lake in Bristol

Surf Lessons And Coaching

From Beginner Lessons to Advanced Coaching. Lessons and Coaching are delivered by our excellent experienced team of qualified coaches designed to help you learn and improve.
Coach giving instructions before starting the surf class at the Wave near Bristol