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Advanced Coaching (in water)

Are you looking to improve your turns, throw more spray or go more vertical? This session will help you improve your turns and techniques across a combination of manoeuvres.

Prices from

From £70 (£60 child)

Ideal for

Suitable for experienced surfers who are able to swim 25m unaided and comfortable out of their depth

At a glance

This experience is for experienced surfers looking to improve their technique. If you are not at this level you may be interested in our Intermediate Lesson, Waikiki Lesson or Beginner Lesson.

  • Wave Height: 1.2 – 1.9m
  • Water Depth: The lake is 3m at its deepest
  • Age Range: Ages 6+
  • Event Level: advanced
  • lesson length: 1.5 hours

Arrive at least 60 minutes before your lesson begins.


Get direct feedback after your wave from our expert coaches, put this into practice during your lesson to see immediate results and better surfing.
Fulfilling your personal goals and continually improving your surf skills

Advanced Coaching

Advanced Coaching (in water)

You must sign a waiver before you surf with us, please ensure you do this before arriving on-site. After your first visit, you will only need to sign your waiver once every 60 days. The system will automatically notify you when it is time to sign your waiver, please ensure you do this before you arrive on-site.

Surfing and bodyboarding are physically challenging and carry risks that we cannot entirely eliminate. Have a look at our Health & Safety information and find out how to surf safely here.

Advanced Surf Session

Advanced Plus Surf Session

Surfer shredding at The Wave, inland surfing lake near Bristol

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Our opening times change throughout the year. We're now open 7 days a week 6am - 10:30pm
Aerial view of The Wave in Bristol inland surfing lake with waves