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The Wave Academy

What's your next wave?

Not sure which wave to start out on?
Had an epic session and want to know which wave to take on next?
Looking for a tool to self-assess how well you’re progressing?

The Wave Academy has been shaped by our experts to help all our waveriders progress as far through our wave settings as they want to. Whether it’s the lure of tucking into the perfect barrel, long sweeping turns on a longboard, or the pure joy of cruising on a wave from take off to the shore, The Wave Academy is here to help plot your route to success and will help you learn how to surf like a pro.

Look out for The Wave Academy throughout our site when you visit The Wave, and ask any wavemaker to help you understand your level of progression, which wave you should do next, and how to check availability so you can book your next surf lesson or session to keep the momentum.

The Wave Academy

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