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Suitable for all ages

Children aged 8 and under must be accompanied by an adult

1 hour session

Play in the Bay


These sessions are for people of all ages to come and just enjoy the fun and freedom of being in the water. You may not be surfing but you can still get a hit of ‘blue health’ – research shows that being in or near the water is good for our mental wellbeing!

Important: Children 8 and under (and those that can’t swim) will have to be accompanied in the water by an adult at a ratio of 1 adult per child. Children aged 9 and over who can swim are allowed to be in the water without an adult, but there must be someone in close proximity on the shoreline. The is no upper age for this session – all generations welcome!



Session length: 1hr, with a 10 minute briefing before the session starts

Equipment: No surfboard or wave riding equipment allowed, but children can bring bodyboards. Water Aids for children, including arm bands are also permitted, however other inflatable toys are not. Wetsuit hire is included in the session price. Please be aware we only stock wetsuits for children aged 6+, feel free to bring your own.

We have limited bodyboards available for hire, please bring your own if you’d like to use a bodyboard.

Suitable for:
Everyone! No experience necessary
Those taking their first steps into a world of waves, or those wanting to build up water confidence before trying out a Beginner Surf Lesson.

For many of us, our love of waves started at a young age – feet paddling in the shallows, the joy of jumping in the white water as it meets the shore, the first steps to building confidence in the water. We want to help create these sorts of memories for more people, which is part of the reason behind our Play in the Bay sessions.

Whether you are looking for a fun children’s swimming session to enjoy as a family, or want to build your own water confidence before you jump onto one of our beginner lessons, this is the perfect place to start.

There are no surfboards allowed in the Bay area during Play in the Bay, although children are welcome to bring a bodyboard for this session.

Book Play in the Bay

You must arrive at least 60 minutes before your session starts.