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You can view press releases here and request images for use in digital or print publications. Below are our latest media releases and company announcements, as well as a link to our Media Image Library. Our press team can arrange interviews with The Wave team, visits to The Wave locations, access for filming and provide background information for feature ideas.

Press & media FAQs

What is The Wave?

The Wave is a ‘slice of the ocean’ in Bristol that brings the joy of wave-riding and benefits of blue health to people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities – from a child stepping on a board for the first time, to a professional surfer training for the Olympics.

Who started The Wave?

The Wave is the brainchild of our founder Nick Hounsfield, who wanted to provide naturally healthy spaces, where everyone could experience ‘blue health’ and the positive power of water and waves. The Wave is all about improving health and wellbeing through surfing and having a shed load of fun in the process.

What is Blue Health

At The Wave, we believe in the importance of blue health, a growing body of evidence that being in or near water is good for us, physically and menatally. We have compiled this overview about how it developed as an idea, what’s been proved so far and where it is heading. Read the report here: Blue Report 2020 – The Wave

The Wave’s purpose and impact 

From the very start of The Wave we had a clear sense of our purpose. We knew the impact we wanted to achieve and the type of business we wanted to be- and we have a proactive programme in place to make waves accessible and inclusive for everyone. We publish an annual Impact Report outlining what we achieved in the last year, the challenges we faced, what we learnt, and our ambitions for this year. Read the report here: Impact Report 2022 – The Wave

What technology is used?

At its heart is a 180m long surfing lake, powered by Wavegarden technology, that provides an unrivalled inland surf experience suitable for everyone, from beginner to seasoned professional. We’ve designed every aspect to ensure it is fun for all, whatever your ability. At The Wave no-one is judged – except on competition days! Our Wavegarden Cove technology is groundbreaking and can generate up to 1,000 quality waves per hour, ranging from 50cm (1.7ft) to almost 2m (6.5ft) in height. Importantly, the whole surfing experience has been designed to ensure each surfer has the space, time and serenity to enjoy their surf at The Wave without ever needing to contend with the crowds. Wavegarden.

Can I use The Wave as a location?

If you are a locations manager and are seeking an outdoor or surfing location for your photoshoot or filming please contact our media team. We are experienced in dealing with film production companies, agencies and producers and The Wave is able to offer a wide range of different wave settings, making it an ideal filming locations for a variety of production needs.

Images and Logos For Media Use

You can access lots of media images via DropBox. However, do get in touch if there is something you are looking for and can’t find.