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You can view media releases here and request images for use in digital or print publications, as well as versions of our logo for use by our customers and partners. Listed below are our latest media releases and company announcements. Our press team can arrange interviews with The Wave team, visits to The Wave locations, access for filming and feature ideas.

Press & media FAQs

  • What is The Wave?

    The Wave is an inland surf destination that allows people to surf on consistent safe waves all year round without going to the sea. There is a 200m surfing lagoon that delivers an unrivalled inland surf experience suitable for everyone from the beginner to the seasoned professional.

    About The Wave surf experience

  • Who started The Wave?

    The Wave is the brainchild of our founder Nick Hounsfield . Working with CEO, Craig Stoddart, they want to provide naturally healthy spaces, where people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, can surf all year round on consistent waves. The Wave is about improving health and wellbeing through surfing and having a shed load of fun in the process.

  • What technology is used?

    Our Wavegarden cove technology is groundbreaking and will generate up to a thousand quality waves per hour, ranging from 50cms to almost 2m in height. With the potential to host over 80 people at the same time, The Wave has six different surfing zones that offer waves of different size and power specifically designed to provide ideal conditions for everyone, from professionals to newcomers picking up a surfboard for the very first time. The technology used ensures there are no problems with overcrowding, noisy mechanics or hanging around for a wave. Surfing one hour at The Wave is the equivalent to four hours in the sea.


  • Can I use The Wave as a location?

    If you are a locations manager and are seeking an outdoor or surfing location for your photoshoot or filming please contact our media team. We are experienced in dealing with film production companies, agencies and producer and The Wave is able to offer all-year-round consistent waves in a beautiful setting, making it an ideal location for many filming productions and photoshoots.

Images and logos for media use

You can access lots of media images via DropBox. However, do get in touch if there is something you are looking for and can’t find.


Film and productions unit

We produce groundbreaking films, exciting digital media content, dynamic books and pioneering educational programs that explore and celebrate surfing’s potential to inspire positive change and social good in both local and global contexts. Our production unit films all over the world and has already produced numerous films.

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You can access lots of media images via DropBox. However, do get in touch if there is something you are looking for and can’t find.


Technology hub

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Coaching at The Wave

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Testing out the technology

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The test facility in Spain being visited by UK pro surfers.


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Interviews, photography and filming

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For further media information and access to the team, please get in touch with our media team.

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Wavemaker - Media Team