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Suitable for Intermediate surfers aged 6+, not beginners
PRICES FROM: £60 (£50 child)

Intermediate Surf Lesson

Intermediate Lessons

Our Intermediate Surf Lessons are a mixture of a land based lesson and in water training, they take place in the Reef area at the back of the lake. These lessons are all about improving your confidence on the Intermediate Wave. You’ll practice the basics such as pop up, paddle technique and stance, as well as learning how to turn and trim to generate speed. Your coach will also cover how to navigate the Reef and how to take off.

In the water, your coach will be with you every step of the way, giving you advice as you go along and ready and waiting with support and answers to your questions.

This session is not for beginners, you must have some surfing experience and confidence to take part in this lesson.

Intermediate Wave Facts and Figures

Intermediate wave: Your first introduction to being out of the white water and taking off on unbroken waves that feel steeper and faster

Lesson length: 1.5 hours

Water depth: The lake is 3m at deepest (in the channel where you paddle out) there will be times where you are out of your depth

Swimming ability: Able to swim 25m unaided and confident out of their depth

Ages: 6+

Please arrive at least 60 minutes before your session starts

Intermediate Lesson

You should arrive 60 minutes before your session starts. This gives you time to walk from the carpark, check-in for your surf, collect your equipment, get changed and be ready for your Health & Safety briefing 15 minutes before your session starts.
We are sorry but we are only able to allow assistance dogs on site.

Surf coach giving instructions on how to catch a wave at surfing inland lake The Wave in Bristol


  • Ages 6+ who are able to swim 25m unaided and confident out of their depth
    These lessons are not for beginners
  • Those with experience of surfing either at The Wave or the coast, who can consistently pop-up, ride along a wave, have good control, confident in falling safely and managing their board
  • Surfers confident they can paddle for a prolonged period of time in deep water during waves
  • If your surfing isn’t at this level, that’s okay. You may be more suited to a Waikiki Lesson or a Beginner Lesson.
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  • Perfect your pop-up on a steeper green wave
  • Learn how to perform basic turn to trim across the wave to maintain speed
  • Start to learn how to generate speed
  • Be confident in riding the Intermediate Wave
Surfer riding green waves at The Wave, inland surfing lake powered by Wavegarden in Bristol

Ideal For

  • Those wanting to learn how to surf the Intermediate Wave
  • Surfers wanting to gain confidence navigating a steeper take off on an unbroken wave
  • Those wanting to learn how to trim and generate speed
  • Good opportunity to try different boards or hardboards for the first time

Intermediate Lesson

You must watch a Health & Safety video and sign a waiver before you surf with us, please ensure you do this before arriving on-site. After your first visit, you will only need to sign your waiver once every 60 days. The system will automatically notify you when it is time to sign your waiver, please ensure you do this before you arrive on-site. You must watch the whole Health & Safety video before you can sign your waiver, this is to reduce the briefing time when on-site and help keep you socially distanced. 


Surfing and bodyboarding are physically challenging and carry risks that we cannot entirely eliminate. Have a look at our Health & Safety information and find out how to surf safely here. 

Woman riding first green waves at the Wave in Bristol

Waikiki Lesson

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Surf Equipment

We include wetsuits, boots, hats and gloves in the price of your surf. Foamboards are available to use for free for Beginner - Intermediate sessions. We also have a range of boards to hire, starting from £12 for softboards and £17 for hardboards.