WAVE HEIGHT: 0.5m (white water
Suitable for Those wanting to try bodyboarding aged 6+
PRICES FROM: £45 (Child £35)

Beginner Bodyboarding

If you want some guaranteed fun, catching white water waves on a bodyboard then this is the session for you.

Beginner Bodyboarding Without a Lesson

Our beginner bodyboarding sessions are located in the bay, which is the area nearest the shore. 

These sessions are a great way to access the water and build confidence on a bodyboard while developing the basic, fundamental skills 

The consistent waves and controlled environment, exclusively for bodyboarders, will allow you to catch plenty of waves, learning how to position yourself in the water, catch a wave, and ride it into the shore in the correct position.  

There is no dry side session, but the briefing from the host will guide you in the basics and offer tips and advice throughout the session. 

This will prepare you to progress onto our next exclusive bodyboarding experience, Improver Bodyboarding. 

Arrive 60 minutes before: You must arrive at least 60 minutes before your session

Beginner wave: Small white water wave that ends at the shore

Session Length: 1 hour

Water depth: 0.8m

Swimming ability: Able to swim 25m unaided

Ages: 6+ children aged 6,7 and 8 must be accompanied by an adult in the water

Book Beginner Bodyboarding Without a Lesson

You should arrive 60 minutes before your session starts. This gives you time to walk from the carpark, check-in for your surf, collect your equipment, get changed and be ready for your Health & Safety briefing 15 minutes before your session starts.
We are sorry but we are only able to allow assistance dogs on site.


Ages 6+ who are able to swim 25m unaided. Children aged 6,7 and 8 must be accompanied by an adult in the water.
Those who have never experience bodyboarding, or who are looking to develop their confidence and skills in a safe environment.


  • Catch a white water wave alone 
  • Be able to walk back to the take off point safely through the waves 
  • Catch waves using the skim technique as well as the kick technique 
  • Start to steer the bodyboard whilst riding a white wave 
  • Be able to safely finish a ride at the shore 

Who's it for?

Anyone keen to access a safe, white water environment to try bodyboarding

Those who have tried it at the coast and want to practice their skills before moving to the reef

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Coach giving instructions before starting the surf class at the Wave near Bristol

Play in the Bay

Play in the Bay sessions are now available to book again!

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Aerial view of The Wave in Bristol inland surfing lake with waves