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Wave height:1.2m - 1.9m

Suitable for:Experienced surfers aged 6+

Prices from:£45 (child £35)

Advanced Surf Session

Our advanced surf sessions take place on The Reef, where we can create a range of different wave profiles for surfers with more experience.
Girl surfs wave at The Wave Bristol

Advanced Surf Session

Our advanced surf sessions take place on The Reef, where we can create a range of different wave profiles, from open-faced waves with a soft incline and slow peeling speed, to rapid breaks with steep barrel sections.

A typical session will begin with a gentle open faced wave gradually increasing in intensity to more powerful sections, finishing with a gentle barrel to challenge your skills. In the reef, you have the benefit of being able to choose between the right or the left side for your session.

Our team of professional photographers are on site everyday and capture all sessions in The Reef. Find out more and view your photos here.

Facts and Figures

Advanced wave: A range of open-faced waves, both right and left.

Wave height: 1.2m - 1.9m

Water depth: 1.5m at take off

Wave duration: 12-15 seconds

Advanced Surf Session

Surfer turning waves during winter at The Wave, surfing inland lake in Bristol


The Advanced Surf session is available to those aged 6+ who are able to swim 25m unaided, but you must also be an experienced surfer and feel comfortable in most conditions.

If you’re not sure of your ability we recommend starting off with an easier session such as a Waikiki or an Intermediate and working your way up.

Left or Right

Surfers can book ‘the left’ or ‘the right’ for their session, the waves are perfectly mirrored either side of the pier;

The Right: Is a righthander to the right of the pier as viewed from shore, which will be forehand for ‘regular’ stance and backhand for goofy stance.

The Left: Is a lefthander to the left of the pier as viewed from shore, which will be backhand for ‘regular’ stance and forehand for ‘goofy’ stance.

Surfers stay on their booked side for the duration of the session, with no switching, for safety reasons and to ensure surfers maximise their time in the lake. 

Who's it for

  • Advanced surfers with lots of experience  
  • Must have mastered all the fundamentals of surfing and surfing etiquette 
  • Can comfortably ride waves above 1m  
  • Can handle themselves in most conditions: duck diving through whitewater, paddling in deep water, lining up and the take-off zone, catching a wave before it breaks popping up to their feet, managing their speed, and turning on the open-face until the end of the wave.  

Advanced Surf Session

You must arrive at least 60 minutes before your surf

You must watch a Health & Safety video and sign a waiver before you surf with us, please ensure you do this before arriving on-site. After your first visit, you will only need to sign your waiver once every 60 days. The system will automatically notify you when it is time to sign your waiver, please ensure you do this before you arrive on-site. You must watch the whole Health & Safety video before you can sign your waiver, this is to reduce the briefing time when on-site and help keep you socially distanced.

Surfing and bodyboarding are physically challenging and carry risks that we cannot entirely eliminate. Have a look at our Health & Safety information and find out how to surf safely here.

Gift Vouchers

Our surf gift vouchers are not just for keen surfers - they're a great gift to give to someone who wants to experience surfing for the first time.

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Photographers at The Wave, surfing inland lake in Bristol

Surf Equipment

We include surfboards, wetsuits, boots, hats and gloves in the price of your surf. We also have a range of boards to hire, starting from £10.