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Student, Emergency Services and Forces Discount

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Use these codes to enjoy the benefit of blue health Monday – Friday

STUDENTWAVES20 (20% – Mon to Fri) 

EMERGENCYWAVES15 (15% – Mon-Fri) 

FORCESWAVES15 (15% – Mon-Fri) 

VETERANSWAVES15 (15% – Mon-Fri) 

You will need to bring photo ID with you to prove you are valid to use these discounts, this could be a student card or work badge. If your ID does not have your photo on, please bring another form of photo ID (such as a driving license) that matches the name on your student or work ID.

What qualifies me as a student?

Student discount applies to those outside of compulsory education, active in either further or higher education, with a student card.

Can I bring my family and friends?

If you’re booking for multiple people that’s fine, you’ll just need to make sure you’re coming too so you can show your ID.

What happens if I forget to bring my ID?

If you cannot prove that you are the booker with the required ID, you may be given a warning for discount abuse, or charged the additional cost of the discount value.


Enjoy blue health for less!

Are you a student, work for the NHS or emergency services or in the forces? We want to offer you a discount so you can enjoy the benefits of blue health for less!

Come along Monday – Friday and enjoy up to 20% off. Whether you’re a beginner starting your surfing journey or a regular surfer, make the most of your well deserved time-off and visit us for a surf.

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