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The Team

Our Wavemakers

Bartender serving a customer at the bar at the Wave in Bristol

We are Wavemakers.

We are a family that works together, each playing their part to deliver an amazing experience for everyone who comes through our doors and rides our waves.

From manning the customer phone lines, to delivering first-class surf coaching, from dishing up amazing food in our café, to making beds in The Camp, from washing wetsuits, to stocking the surf shop, or hosting group visits, from number crunching to running marketing campaigns – there are so many elements that come together to make The Wave happen.

We believe in the power of blue spaces to make people feel happier and healthier. We are passionate about the power of water and waves to positively change lives. And above all we want to share the pure joy and fun of surfing. We take fun very seriously!

Chef smiling at Wave restaurant near Bristol in black and white

Work With Us

We are seeking people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. We are not just seeking uber-cool surfers. For us, diversity is what makes The Wave a special place where everyone is welcome and has an amazing experience whether they surf or not.
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Our Supporters

Before The Wave even had a name it had a loyal band of supporters. These are the incredible group of Wavemakers who surfed with us, backed us with crowdfunding, shared our story on social media and motivated us every step of the way.

They are still part of our team today and as our earliest Wavemakers help to keep us on our toes so that we continue to deliver brilliant experiences for everyone, every day.


  • Jamie De Barros
  • Lucas Chinn
  • Fiona Beckie
  • Stuart Peverelle
  • Sarah Thomson
  • Stephen Lovell
  • Alf Anderson
  • Jens Fitter
  • Caroline Ball
  • Lyn Horscroft
  • Amy Lambert
  • Fran Evans
  • Dr Katie Mallam