Surfboards and wetsuits at The Wave

We include wetsuits and surfboards in the price of your surf, which makes it especially easy for beginners trying surfing for the first time. However, we’d recommend that those surfing the advanced area bring their own wetsuit and surfboard if they have them. In the winter months we would also suggest you bring gloves, boots, hoods and thermal rash vests should you own them.

Wetsuits made for The Wave

We ask everyone who surfs at The Wave to wear a wetsuit to keep them warm and safe. In the colder seasons, we include wetsuit boots, gloves and a hood, if needed. If you have your own kit, then please do bring it - if not then you can simply pick up the equipment you need when you get to the surfing area before your session

Our high-quality wetsuits, hoods, gloves and boots are made for us by Rip Curl. It’s really important to us that everyone feels comfortable in their wetsuit and we have a large range of sizes to fit all ages, sizes and body shapes.

If you are bringing children, you’ll be pleased to hear that our children’s wetsuits also have a zip at the bottom of the leg which also makes getting in and out much easier.

What equipment can I bring?


In our beginner area all surfers must surf with a lesson. These take place on one of our beginner surfboards and you cannot use your own boards in this area. Please feel free to wear your own wetsuit if you have one, if not this will be provided along with any other equipment, such as wetsuit boots and hoods.


In our advanced waves we allow:

  • Surfboards (all lengths)
  • Bodyboards
  • Knee boards
  • Adapted surfboards for those with disabilities

We currently recommend that advanced surfers bring their own wetsuits, kit and surfboards, if they have them.

What do I need to bring?

You need to bring a swimming costume to wear underneath your wetsuit and a towel to get dry after your surf. Everything else you need to enjoy your session is supplied for you - however if you do have your own wetsuit, and boots/gloves/hood for surfing in the colder months, then we do recommend that you bring them.

What equipment can I not bring?

We currently can’t accommodate paddle sports such as stand-up-paddle boarding and surf kayaking in any areas of the lake - we may organise special sessions at a later date and you can register interest for these, with our lovely customer service team

Non-permitted equipment:

  • SUPs
  • Surf Skis
  • Windsurfing
  • Kite surfing
  • Foil surfing
  • Kayaks
  • Skim boarding
  • Bodysurfing (with hand plane, leash and fins),

If you are unsure or have any other queries about your equipment, please contact us at

Surfboards made to suit The Wave

We want everyone who surfs to get exactly the right board for their surfing experience. This gives you the best opportunity to learn, improve and develop. We have a wide range of different boards, including beginner, improver and high performance boards of different hardness, shape, length, fin set-ups and tail shapes.

If you are on the beginner or intermediate waves, you must use our supplied boards. If you are an advanced surfer we recommend you bring your own board, although you have the opportunity to try out some of our boards, on a first come, first served basis. Our knowledgeable coaches will advise you which surfboard you should use depending on your ability.

The Wave has chosen the internationally renowned Softech for its beginner boards to ensure they are robust and learner-friendly. Our advanced surfboards are made by Toy Factory and Skindog, two top board makers based in Cornwall. We also have other British and international board suppliers, alongside top level surfboard accessory partners including FCS, providing equipment for The Wave.

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Our range of surfboards

The types of surfboards and bodyboards we currently have available to use on our waves are:

  • Softech soft boards (Sizes: 7’0 – 9’0)
  • Skindog soft boards (Sizes: 5’0 – 9’2)
  • Skindog hard boards (Sizes: 6’8 – 9’6)
  • Fourth hard boards (Sizes: 5’6 – 6’2)
  • Tiki (Sizes: 10’6)
  • Pukas (Sizes: 9’0)
  • Hydro bodyboards (Sizes: 36” – 45”)

We have various quantities of each type of board. You can't pre-book a board but you will be able to select from the range that are available when you visit us for a surf.

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Get your own surf gear

Want your own kit?

Check out our collection of all the surf gear you’ll ever need, from beginner boards and affordable wetsuits to high performance shortboards and essential accessories.

View our online surf shop

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