Intermediate surfing

Our intermediate surf sessions take place in the reef area of the lake and are perfect for improving your skills and boosting your confidence.

Our intermediate sessions

Intermediate wave

These are unbroken waves with more strength and a steeper take off than our Waikiki waves. They allow you to practise using the rails of your surfboard and turn using your body weight and the fins on your board. You will start to develop even more paddle strength and much greater board control as you paddle back to the take off area.

Wave type:

Our intermediate sessions offer a range of open-faced waves, both on the right and left of the lake. Some have faces with a soft incline and slow peeling speed, while others break more rapidly with steeper sections.

We do not currently offer intermediate lessons but we hope to introduce them in the future.

Wave facts and figures

  • Water depth: 1.5m at take off
  • Wave height: 1m
  • Wave length: 10 seconds

Ideal for:

  • Surfers who are confident riding unbroken waves
  • Those who are able to turn using bodyweight and want to practise turns using the rails and fins of the board
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Our goals for you over a few Intermediate sessions:

  • Catch a green unbroken wave.
  • Are able to fall safely and can deal with the board in different situations
  • Be able to paddle back to the take-off point, during or between sets
  • Develop stronger paddle technique and strength to paddle against a gentle current
  • Practice to turn while sitting on the board
  • Practice to finish waves well and safely

Suitable for:

Surfers that:

  • Consistently ride white water waves and are able to catch an unbroken wave
  • Fall safely and are able to deal with the board in different situations
  • Paddle back to the take-off point, during or between sets and are looking to practise paddle technique and paddle against a current
  • Are ready to improve and practice turns on bigger waves

The Intermediate sessions are open to everyone aged 6+, as long as they are confident they have the required skills to ride this wave.

There are varying water depths and surfers may be out of their depth when paddling back to the take off.

It is important to make sure you arrive at least 60 minutes before your selected time. Please ensure you have signed your waiver online and watched the Health and Safety video before arriving to site.

At this time, we'd recommend that those surfing in the intermediate and advanced area bring their own wetsuit and surfboard if they have them.

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