Intermediate surfing

The Wave offers consistent waves that make practising and perfecting your skills easier and lots of fun for everyone. Our intermediate surf sessions are perfect for improving your skills and boosting your confidence, and our intermediate surf sessions are a chance to practice solo.

Our intermediate sessions

Intermediate wave

Our intermediate waves will take you beyond the white water of the beginner bay and help you to surf the gentle green faces of the reef. These will allow you to travel a greater distance, faster and start to introduce you to turns.These waves have more strength and a slightly steeper take off so that you can start to use the rails of your surfboard and turn using your body weight and the fins on your board. The intermediate waves are designed to be friendly yet progressive. You will start to develop paddle strength and much greater board control as you paddle back to the take off area.

Ideal for:

  • Surfers who want to progress beyond riding white water waves.
  • Those who want to learn to turn on waves.
  • Surfers who have caught many beginner waves and are looking for the next challenge.
  • Those who can stand up on most waves they catch in the white water.

Our goals for you:

  • Catch a green unbroken wave alone.
  • Learn to fall safely and to deal with the board in different situations
  • Be able to paddle back to the take-off point, during or between sets
  • Start practising the paddle technique and paddle against a gentle current
  • Practice to turn while sitting on the board
  • Practice to finish waves well and safely
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Suitable for:

All ages from 10 years. There are varying water depths and surfers may be out of their depth when paddling back to the take off.

Improving surfers who want to develop their surfing abilities.

It is important to make sure you arrive 60 minutes before your selected time slot to ensure you have plenty of time to pick up your equipment and get suited and booted and ready to surf.

What will my session look like?

Please allow at least 60 minutes before your surf session start time.

An example of how a session with us might look for a start time of 11.00am.

  • 10.00: Arrive and check-in at the reception (Reception check-in closes at 10.15)
  • 10:05: Shuttle bus or 950m walk to the lake
  • 10.15: Check-in at the surf desk and sign waiver (Surf desk check-in closes at 10.40)
  • 10.30: Collect your equipment and get changed
  • 10:45: Safety briefing starts
  • 10.55: Safety briefing ends and you enter the lake
  • 11.00: Surf session starts
  • 12.00: Surf session ends - out of the water and get changed
  • 12:15: Relax and enjoy the view of more waves from the clubhouse

Please note:

You must be fully changed 15 minutes before your session starts in order to participate in the safety briefing. The briefing will start promptly and if you miss it then you will not be allowed into the lake.

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