About The Wave surf experience


At The Wave we have set out to create a place where people can surf on consistent safe waves all year round without going to the sea.

Our roots and philosophy

In 2010, our founder Nick Hounsfield noticed a problem. He realised that many of the health issues people were battling came about due to inactivity, a disconnection from nature, and a breakdown in connections between people.

He knew the power of the ocean, the energy of wild spaces, the freedom and adventure that nature offers. He also knew about the joy of surfing and its ability to restore and revive.

He set out to build a team with Craig Stoddart and an amazing crew of people.

Fun, healthy spaces

Together they imagined creating naturally healthy spaces, where people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, could have an amazing time by connecting with nature, each other and themselves.

The Wave is about improving health and wellbeing through surfing and having a shedload of fun in the process.


"After an hour surfing the Wavegarden technology I felt amazing. I had never surfed so many waves in such a short space of time."

Helen BradshawIntermediate surfer

Our surf experience

With a 200m surfing lake, The Wave delivers an unrivalled inland surf experience suitable for everyone from beginner to seasoned professional. We’ve designed every aspect to ensure it is fun for all, whatever your ability. At The Wave no-one is judged - except on competition days!

Our Wavegarden cove technology - already proven in other countries - is groundbreaking and will generate up to 1,000 quality waves per hour, ranging from 50cm (1.7ft) to almost 2m (6.5ft) in height.

Importantly, the whole surfing experience has been designed to ensure there are no problems with overcrowding, noisy mechanics or hanging around for a wave. Surfing one hour at The Wave is equivalent to four hours in the sea.

Latest surf projects

Building is well underway at our Bristol site with the opening scheduled for Autumn 2019. This will be the first inland surf experience in England and we have further locations going into development across the UK.

Our plans for Bristol include not just an amazing surfing experience with the best surf technology but beautifully landscaped gardens, peaceful hideaways, family-friendly camping and short-stay accommodation. We’ll also host regular events.

Onsite facilities at Bristol will include:

  • An amazing café and bar serving great food, responsibly sourced and changing seasonally
  • An education centre for schools and colleges, offering surf classes for all abilities
  • A surf shop packed with the latest equipment including wetsuits, boards and accessories
  • Short break accommodation including camping pitches

Our mission and values

As a business, our values are the same as those we have as people. And they’re very simple. We know that when people are happy in themselves, connected to a community and caring for their environment, they tend to do the right thing, naturally. That's the basis of how we work.

We aim to be transparent and ethical at all times, and in everything we do we strive to be as open as is humanly possible.

Everyone who works at The Wave believes in the power of surfing to promote and support the idea of living a balanced life. We don’t just think about profit - we also think about the effects we have on people and the planet. This is why we are working to create more surf parks all over the world.

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