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10 Nov

Craig Stoddart steps down as CEO of The Wave

by The Wave Team

The Wave has had a successful 2022 season and achieved much of what it set out for the year. We have new owners who have brought refreshing ideas and together we are driving positive initiatives like our new Solar Array for 2023, a new approach to marketing and other changes that balance people, planet and profit. It’s the end of one era and the beginning of another and in that transition, Craig Stoddart, CEO, has decided to step down to pursue other interests.

Craig has delivered a huge amount for The Wave over the last 9 years, from the first investible business plan, overseeing the Wavegarden deal, the securing of investment from JAR capital and Sullivan Street Partners, construction of the world-first site in Bristol and refinancing the business. The operational teams, processes and systems and all the recruitment to be able to market, operate and support the Wave were all led by Craig before then being buffeted by the challenges of COVID both financially, emotionally and operationally. Without Craig and the fantastic team of Wavemakers he helped to build, The Wave would not have been possible.

Craig said “it has been a real honour to have brought the Wave’s vision to reality. Whilst it has been a hugely challenging task to fund, deliver and operate the world’s first commercially viable surf park using Wavegarden Cove technology, I am immensely proud of what we as a team have achieved. We have paved the way for an exciting nascent industry that has a terrific future ahead of it and our sustainable approach, I hope, will be one that is replicated across the industry in years to come. I know The Wave has an exciting and deliverable growth plan and the team are now well structured to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead. I am looking forward to taking my experience and working with other businesses and projects to help deliver other equally pioneering outcomes”.

All of us at The Wave would like to thank Craig for his leadership over the last 9 years and the work he has done with commitment and professionalism. We hope to see him riding waves with us in the future, proud of what he has achieved.