At The Wave

Woman having fun surfing during winter at The Wave, surfing inland lake in Bristol

Waikiki: This is the perfect wave for improvers and those looking for a melow surf.

Intermediate: A range of open-faced waves, a soft incline and slow peeling speed, with some steeper sections.

Advanced: A range of open-faced waves, both right and left.

Advanced coaching: Great for advanced and competent surfers looking to improve their technique

Advanced Plus: A full faced wave on take off, which holds good shape and size all the way down the line. Its inside barrel section is easy to pre-empt and stays open with a fun, open face to manoeuvre.

Expert Turns: Fast and challenging session, full of our most powerful turning waves, to test your performance turns

Expert Barrels: Powerful waves with consistent, fun to navigate barrels

Shred surfing at The Wave, inland surfing lake in Bristol

Surf guaranteed, consistent, top quality waves

No swell? Onshore winds? Not to worry, our waves are perfect everyday….whatever the weather.

Join us at The Wave in Bristol:

  • A 180m long inland surfing lake
  • Groundbreaking Wavegarden Cove technology
  • Up to 1,000 perfect waves per hour
  • Wave height ranging from 0.5m (1.7ft) to almost 2m (6.5ft)
  • New waves every 8-10 seconds


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Expert Barrel Session

Barrel surfing at The Wave, inland surfing lake near Bristol

Advanced Coaching

Expert Turns Session