Our food brings people together

At The Wave we’re all about sharing experiences, feeding the senses, connecting with nature, and having fun. What we love after surfing is getting together to refuel and relive our surfing experience. We love sharing those moments over food with friends.

Like many businesses, we are currently experiencing staff shortages, due to a number of team members having to self-isolate as a precaution. This particularly affects our Food and Drink team and as a result, our restaurant offer will vary day-by-day. You can find out more information and about other changes to the way we operate due to COVID-19 here.

Whether you’re a family with hungry young children, or a pro-surfer grabbing a bite after a training session, we want to provide you with naturally fast food. You’ll always find plenty of choices that do you good, and fuel you for surfing. But you’ll also find treats if you fancy a bit of indulgence. And we only ever serve what we know we make really well.

The Wave is a great place to spend time connecting with friends and family over fantastic food and drink.

As well as our fantastic Clubhouse we have plenty of outdoor space to explore. Bristol favourites Quay Street Diner have returned this Summer and a Pizza pop-up will be arriving later in the season. There's a great atmosphere, we love sitting outside with some yummy food, soaking up the atmosphere and listening to the waves.


As natural as possible at every step

We work really hard to make sure that all our ingredients are as natural and simple as possible. We champion great producers, celebrate seasonal food, and we showcase great street food vendors whose approach to food fits with ours.

We are proud to be working with Clifton Coffee Roasters, a local Bristol-based company who provide us with the absolutely fantastic ingredients that make your cup of coffee extra special.


Food connects us to our environment

Food doesn’t just bring people together; like surfing, it also connects us to the environment we live in.

We look at every aspect of our food to understand its effect on the natural world, from the animal welfare and environmental impact of producing it, to the carbon footprint of getting it to us, to the packaging of our takeaway options and how we can minimise our food waste.


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Opening times and prices

Our current site opening hours are 6.00am - 11.00pm. Surfing is available during daylight hours and our surfing session times vary throughout the year due to changes in seasonal daylight hours.

Book a surf session

Come and experience the pure joy of riding perfect waves. If you’ve not visited The Wave before then we always recommend starting with a surfing lesson. You'll get group coaching and learn how to surf in a safe, controlled environment.

Sustainability - at the heart of The Wave

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