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1 hour session

Cold Water Dip


  • Those with experience or those who are interested in cold water immersion.
  • You should be comfortable in water and be able to swim 25m
  • Important: It’s essential that you acclimatise yourself to cold water. Our water naturally follows ambient temperatures so care should be taken in colder months. It’s a good idea to use October onwards to acclimatise to the colder water of January and February.


  • The session takes place in the bay area of the lake during our smaller wave settings. There will be small white water waves big enough to body surf in if you choose but not big enough to knock you over
  • No surfboards or bodyboards in this session
  • Wetsuits are optional but please be mindful of the water temperature. You’re welcome to use one of our wetsuits if you would like.

Cold Water Dip

Cold water immersion is hot right now!

Embrace the benefits of cold water immersion with this hour long experience taking place in The Bay during our smaller waves.

Thanks to the likes of Wim Hoff the benefits of getting cold have hit the mainstream and there is a growing movement of cold water fans who are passionate about the physical and mental health benefits it brings.


This winter we’re turning the heat up! You’ll find out saunas right next to the lake and they’re free to use if you’ve booked a session with us! Feel free to use our saunas during your Cold Water Dip session!

Cold Water Dip