Women-Only Surf Sessions

We’re bringing women-only lessons and sessions to The Wave

We are passionate about making surfing accessible for everyone, so we want to remove as many barriers as possible to encourage people to try surfing. Women-only sessions are just one of a few initiatives to attract a wider range of people to experience the joy of surfing, as well as its many physical and mental health benefits.

Why women-only sessions?

Surfing is still a predominantly white, male sport in the UK and globally, and we are looking at what we can do to change this. We have received lots of feedback from female visitors saying that they can feel intimidated and nervous surfing in a mostly a male line-up, and that they would love some women-only sessions.

The growth in the number of women’s surf clubs across the country shows there is a real desire for the support and camaraderie that women get from surfing together. We have created these sessions to offer a supportive female space for those who feel they want it, or need it, as they progress on their surfing journey.

Women-only sessions are just one of many initiatives we have underway to remove barriers to surfing, and to help make our surfing community more diverse.

What sessions are available?

There will initially be a women-only Beginner Lesson, Waikiki Session, Intermediate Session, and Advanced Session each month, starting from April. Our plan is to extend these and add more options as demand grows.

Upcoming sessions


12th July 9.30am (lesson)


  • 26th May 5pm
  • 27th June 2pm (and 1:30pm lesson)
  • 19th July 6pm


  • 15th June 9am (and 8.30am lesson)
  • 12th July 5pm (and 4.30pm lesson)


  • 12th June 9am