19th September 2019

The big fill starts as water turned on in The Wave Bristol

The 18 September 2019 has been a big day for The Wave. After months spent building the amazing feat of engineering that is our 200m lake, we finally turned the taps on. Water is flowing and the big fill is officially underway.

Abby Richardson
Wavemaker - Media Team

The waves are coming

The whole Wave team - plus much of the construction team - turned out to see founder, Nick Hounsfield, CEO, Craig Stoddart and director, Nick Asheshov, open the faucet. After years of dreaming and planning, and months of construction, water hit the lake base and we are a big step closer to our inland surfing vision becoming a reality.

We are allowing up to 10 days to fill the lake with the 26 million litres of water we need. Then the really fun bit begins. The team of Spanish engineers from Wavegarden will be on site to run their ‘wet commissioning’ phase, which is when they check equipment, run all the wave settings and ensure everything is working perfectly. We will be seeing waves for all abilities rolling down the lake very soon.

Our lake-filling fact file

  • 26 million litres of water needed to fill The Wave lake
  • Six football pitches are the same size as the lake
  • Nine years of planning, funding and building to make happen
  • Over 80 construction workers involved in the project

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