20 May

Wave Wahines

by Sam Bleakley

Surfing for everyone During the first flowering of Polynesian stand-up surf culture in the Hawaiian Islands from the fourth century until European colonialism in the eighte...

17 Aug

Siyanda Hewitt

by Sam Bleakley

Electric surfing 14-year-old goofyfooter Siyanda Hewitt is a rising talent in British waveriding and the newest member of The Wave ambassadors’ team.

1 Nov

Just the beginning…

by The Wave Team

Two surfers riding a wave at the inland surfing lake of The Wave near Bristol
I wanted to share with you some of our first observations after just a week, partly for your information, partly to manage expectations and also so people understand the...
It's winter. The coldest time of the year and definitely not surfing weather, right? Wrong! The UK is home to a growing tribe of winter warriors who are out catching waves...

18 Dec

Is surfing risky in the rain?

by The Wave Team

Surfing in the rain is no problem at all at The Wave. There is no reason you wouldn't want to surf in the rain - you're going to get wet anyway!
When you're surfing, your face gets wet, right? This can cause problems for those of us who wear glasses or contact lenses. But there are lots of options to keep you seeing...