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2 Mar

Agatha Christie Hits the Surf 

by Sam Bleakley

If you asked surfers who was the first Western European woman to stand up on a surfboard, it is unlikely that they would think of Agatha Christie, the iconic crime novelist...
The Beach Boys famously sang ‘If everybody had an ocean, Across the USA, Then everybody’d be surfing, like Californ-i-a.’ Of course, most of the USA is landlocked and...
When 13-year-old professional skateboarding and surfing sensation Sky Brown was voted the BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year in late 2021 – after being Great Britai...
Suspending time is ‘impossible’ according to physicists, but if you’ve ever found yourself in a barrel, that’s as close to the feeling of stopping time as it gets. ...
The IPC (International Paralympic Committee) has confirmed 22 sports for the initial Los Angeles 2028 Paralympics programme, with surfing events still on the shortlist for...