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18 Nov

A Summer of Waves

by The Wave Team

Sharing the power of water and waves with more people makes us happy. We know that we feel great, physically and particularly mentally, when we are in blue spaces – but...
The Wave has had a successful 2022 season and achieved much of what it set out for the year. We have new owners who have brought refreshing ideas and together we are drivin...
The world of professional surfing in the 1980s and 1990s was dominated by men. A brilliant new film called Girls Can’t Surf shares the untold story of the gritty women...

20 May

Wave Wahines

by Sam Bleakley

Surfing for everyone During the first flowering of Polynesian stand-up surf culture in the Hawaiian Islands from the fourth century until European colonialism in the eighte...

17 Jan

Surfers Not Street Children

by Sam Bleakley

Surfers Not Street Children surfing at The Wave in Bristol
For those of us lucky enough to have a roof over our head, a bed to sleep in, a loo and shower and other amenities, it is difficult to imagine living from day-to-day with...