Adaptive Surfing

We want everyone to be able to enjoy The Wave and we are big supporters of adaptive surfing, and work hard to provide an accessible surf experience for as many people as we can.

The term ‘Adaptive Surfing’ refers to those with additional needs or challenges, such as those with a disability, that require extra assistance, specialised equipment or an adapted surfing experience to match their abilities.

We are working to develop our adaptive booking process and experience, and at this stage ask anyone interested in adaptive surfing at The Wave to get in touch to discuss the individual or group wishing to surf.

Please contact us at with the subject title “Adaptive Surfing Request”. We will require additional information on the individual/s before any booking is arranged, to ensure we can fully deliver a great experience, with the appropriate support and equipment. Please also reference any preferred dates/times, ensuring it is at least 3 weeks’ notice.

We ask that anyone wishing to surf with us has a degree of water confidence and that you consider the risks and challenges, as well as the amazing opportunities and benefits, that an action sport such as surfing can have. For additional general information about The Wave and our accessibility please see our FAQs.


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Opening times and prices

Our current site opening hours are 6.00am - 11.00pm. Surfing is available during daylight hours and our surfing session times vary throughout the year due to changes in seasonal daylight hours.