at The Wave

At The Wave, we have set out to create a place where people of all abilities can bodyboard on consistent, top quality waves. 

Bodyboarding Sessions

We have a bodyboarding experience perfect for everyone. 

Our Play In The Bay sessions are a perfect opportunity for families and friends to learn to play in the water, safely and together. All users of Play In The Bay can access bodyboards for free to ride the smallest of our bay waves. 

Our beginner bodyboarding experience is a great way to access the water and build confidence on a bodyboard, while developing the basic, fundamental skills. 

Our improver bodyboarding sessions take place on the reef and are perfect for developing bodyboard techniques for riding unbroken waves. 

All our Intermediate surf sessions and above are inclusive of bodyboarding, and are perfect for competent bodyboarders who are experienced of riding unbroken waves. 

All Equipment Included

Wetsuits, gloves, boots, swim fins and bodyboard hire is included in the price of your session. Speak to a Wavemaker on your next visit about what equipment is best suited for you. You are also very welcome to use your own bodyboard equipment in any of our body boarding experiences. 

Bodyboarding at The Wave

Whatever your age, fitness, learning or physical ability, we’ll help you to get the most out of your bodyboarding and your time at The Wave.  

With a 180m long lake, The Wave delivers an unrivalled inland wave riding experience suitable for everyone from beginners to seasoned professional. We’ve designed every aspect to ensure it is fun for all, whatever your ability. At The Wave, no one is judged – except on competition days! It’s wonderful place to learn to bodyboard in England, on safe and consistent waves. 

Our waves are produced by Wavegarden Cove technology. This technology is groundbreaking and can generate up to 1,000 quality waves per hour, ranging from 50cm (1.7ft) to almost 2m (6.5ft) in height. We can produce a new wave every 8-10 seconds.  

Importantly, the whole bodyboarding experience has been designed to ensure each person has the space, time and serenity to enjoy their experience at The Wave without ever needing to contend with the crowds. 

Beginner Bodyboarding

Improver Bodyboarding

Opening Times

Our opening times change throughout the year. Check our Christmas opening hours.
Aerial view of The Wave in Bristol inland surfing lake with waves