Opening times and prices

Opening times and prices

Site Opening Hours

We are now open

Our current site opening hours are 6.00am-11:00pm 7 days a week. Surfing is available during daylight hours and our surfing session times vary throughout the year due to changes in seasonal daylight hours.

Important: if you are coming for a surf, you need to be on site at least 60 minutes before your surf session starts.

All visitors must pre-book, even if you're not surfing. If you're just coming to visit, you can buy a spectator pass for £2 here.

Opening Hours
Opening hours from 17th May Breakfast Café Service Bistro
6.00am - 11.00pm 7.00am - 11.30am 12.00pm - 6:00pm
Sunday closes at 4.30pm
6:00pm - 9:30pm
Sunday closes at 4.30pm

Everything included in the price

All our surf prices include entry to The Wave and everything you need, such as wetsuit, boots and the perfect surfboard for your session, however we do understand that you might want to bring your own.

We always recommend surfing with a lesson if you are a beginner or a surfer who hasn’t visited The Wave before.

In our beginner lessons, you’ll learn how to surf in a fun, supportive environment and once you’re in the water, we’ll be with you all the way as you catch your first waves. We’ll coach you to improve your technique and boost your confidence so you can start catching bigger waves.

We also offer surf sessions without lessons for beginners, intermediates, advanced and expert surfers, who are already confident on a board and just want to catch some waves.

We're very proud of our equipment but if do have your own wetsuit and surfboard as an intermediate and advanced surfer, we do encourage you to use these during this time.

Performance hardboards, £10 hire charge

Please note, should you wish to use our performance hardboards, we have a charge of £10, payable on the day, on-site.

You can find out more about what items we are unable to allow on the lake on our equipment page.


Surf session without a lesson

Our surf sessions last one hour, with 55 minutes in the lake. You need to be on site at least 60 minutes before your surf starts.

  • Adult (over 16 years) surf session from £50
  • Junior (6 to 16 years) surf session from £40

Surf session with a lesson

Our surf sessions with a lesson last for 90 minutes with a briefing, full instruction and one hour in the lake. You need to be on site at least 60 minutes before your session starts.

  • Adult (over 16 years) surf lesson from £60
  • Junior (6 to 16 years) surf lesson from £50

Locals pass

Our Annual Locals' Pass gives people living in postcodes starting BS35 5, BS35 4 or BS32 4 access to the gardens and grounds, including our cafe-bar and shop.

  • Adult locals pass: £15
  • Juniors (6 to 16 years): £5
  • Under 6 years: free

Spectator pass

Our Spectator Pass gives people access to the site including the gardens and grounds, our cafe-bar and favourite food pop-ups.

  • Adult spectator: £2
  • Junior spectator (6 to 16 years): £2
  • Under 6 years: free

Additional site information

Before your visit

Please read through our coronavirus update so you are familiar with some of the precautions we have made on-site to make sure that your surf is as safe and stress-free as possible.

If you are surfing with us please make sure you have signed your waiver online and watched the Health and Safety video before your visit to help us reduce wait times and further minimise surface contact onsite.

Are dogs allowed on site?

Unfortunately, we are not able to allow dogs or other pets at The Wave, with the exception of Service or Assistance dogs. Please contact the customer services team on 0333 016 4133 for any further information.

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