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1st June 2021

Surfing and Sustainability

To find out more about the relationship between surfing and sustainability we caught up with two leading voices: blue heath activist, multiple Irish champion and marine social scientist, Dr Easkey Britton, and Adam Hall from North Devon, who is Head of Sustainability at the online action sports retailer, Surfdome.

Sam Bleakley
31st May 2021

The Brazilian Storm

Brazil has injected a much-needed spirit of diversity into the annual world title race in an exciting movement collectively known as ‘the Brazilian Storm’.

Sam Bleakley
29th May 2021

A Place Together

Surfing is not all go-it-alone, but usually a social activity where sharing space is demanded.

Sam Bleakley
11th May 2021

What has shaped surfing’s culture of ‘cool’?

From laidback go-with-the-flow attitudes, to post-punk-hipster, lifestyles have been shaped around the ‘cool’ of surfing.

Sam Bleakley
10th May 2021

Surfing as "Blue Mindfulness"

Surfing is one of the best activities to take you outside of your comfort zone by immersion in a liquid environment.

Sam Bleakley
7th May 2021

The ‘shortboard revolution’

Lifestyles were pushed into experimental places, minds often fuelled by spiritual practices like yoga and meditation. It was a period when surfing styles and surfboard design changed radically. While minds expanded, boards contracted. It was the ‘shortboard revolution’.

Sam Bleakley
22nd January 2021

Surfing’s Olympic Debut - My Thoughts

Surfing is set to make its Olympic debut in the Tokyo Games this year and UK Sport recently announced a £1.35 million investment into surfing, as part of a new Progression investment, which supports the long-term medal potential of new Olympic sports to uncover champions of the future.

Nick Hounsfield
13th January 2021

Ice Ice Baby

Cold water has been receiving a lot of attention of late, being touted as a treatment for depression, a way to slow down dementia and a brilliant boost for our immune systems, amongst other benefits.

Abby Richardson
Wavemaker - Media Team
24th December 2020

The Year We've Had

The Year We've Had

Nick Hounsfield