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17th August 2021

Siyanda Hewitt

Meet Siyanda Hewitt, a rising talent raised in the sizzling waves of South Africa and Mozambique, and now a regular at the reefs and beaches of North Devon.

Sam Bleakley
5th August 2021

Zen Through Diversity

A Zen moment is when we truly feel the joy of complete openness and awareness.

Sam Bleakley
4th August 2021

The Birth of British Surf Films

A fresh array of surf films like Sonic Souvenirs by Kai Neville, Surfing by Dan Scott and Lost Track Atlantic by Ishka Folkwell, affirm that the genre is as alive and vibrant as ever. But what about British surf filmmakers?

Sam Bleakley
3rd August 2021

Afro Surf and She Surf: two surf books that will blow your mind

Afro Surf and She Surf: The Rise of Female Surfing are two brilliant books to get you fired up about the bright and exciting future of waveriding.

Sam Bleakley
1st July 2021

Never Too Old

You’re never too old to surf. Only injury might slow you down, but even then our minds can stay much younger than our bodies.

Sam Bleakley
30th June 2021

Climate Surfers

What are the links between surfing and the climate crisis? Sam Bleakley caught up with Belinda Baggs in Australia and Dan Crockett in Cornwall to find out more.

Sam Bleakley
30th June 2021

The Wave To Host World-Leading Adaptive Surfing Competition

The Wave are hosting the 2021 dryrobe English Adaptive Surfing Open on Thursday 8th July.

1st June 2021

Surfing and Sustainability

To find out more about the relationship between surfing and sustainability we caught up with two leading voices: blue heath activist, multiple Irish champion and marine social scientist, Dr Easkey Britton, and Adam Hall from North Devon, who is Head of Sustainability at the online action sports retailer, Surfdome.

Sam Bleakley
31st May 2021

The Brazilian Storm

Brazil has injected a much-needed spirit of diversity into the annual world title race in an exciting movement collectively known as ‘the Brazilian Storm’.

Sam Bleakley