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8 Oct

Come surfing whatever the weather

by The Wave Team

When it's a rainy day, it can be difficult to find outdoor activities that are fun for the whole family. Lots of people think that surfing is a summer activity, but we’re here to prove that this isn’t the case. At The Wave, we’re open all year around and our inland surfing lake produces guaranteed top quality waves, no matter what the weather is doing. Need more convincing? Here are three reasons why you should make surfing your next rainy day activity.

Our top quality wetsuits will keep you warm

All our winter wetsuits are made specially for us by Rip Curl using the latest technology to ensure that they are comfortable, easy to move in, and will keep you warm no matter what the weather is doing or how long you want to stay in the water for. We have a range of wetsuits to suit all ages from six years upwards and all body types so you can rest assured that when you come to The Wave we’ll have the perfect fit available for you.

Wetsuit hire is included when you book a lesson or surf session at The Wave, so you won’t need to pay any extra costs to access this equipment, and we will also include any extra gear you might want on cold days, such as wetsuit gloves and boots. You’ll be snug as a bug in a… wetsuit?

It’s fun for the whole family

Surfing isn’t just for kids or the pro’s. We truly believe that surfing is for everyone, and that’s why we offer a range of different experiences at The Wave, from lessons for beginners who’ve never surfed before, to open surf sessions on our advanced waves for experienced boardriders. Our lake is split up into beginner, intermediate and advanced sections, so you’ll always be in an area with people of a similar ability, and we monitor the numbers in our lake carefully so you’ll have plenty of space and never feel overcrowded. Our friendly instructors will be on hand the whole time to give you all the tips and encouragement you’ll need to start catching waves in no time.

You can also spend some time at our onsite cafe, which serves delicious, seasonal food and drinks all day long. So, if you want to bring your kids along for a surf lesson while you have a coffee with a friend, you can absolutely do that! Or have a family surf session followed by a lunch and a hot chocolate. Whatever you’re looking to get out of your visit - be it a chance to learn some new skills, spend quality time with your friends and family, or to get some R&R for yourself - we have the right experience for you, so the bad weather need not hold you back.

Rain doesn't matter when you're going to get wet anyway

The idea of spending time outside when it’s tipping it down can be unappealing, but if you’re coming surfing then you’re going to get wet in the lake anyway, so a bit of rain doesn’t really make any difference. Not only that but it’s actually usually a bit warmer when it’s raining in the autumn and winter as this provides some insulating cloud cover.

Surfing in the rain can also be really relaxing. It’s a very multisensory experience that can help you reconnect with nature and the present moment; hearing the sound of raindrops on the water, feeling them on your skin, breathing in the fresh air, and knowing that you’ll appreciate being cosy and dry once darkness falls so much more for having braved the elements.

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