Advanced Plus and Expert surf sessions

For advanced surfers these sessions offer a range of new punchier and more powerful waves. They provide a greater challenge and the opportunity to really up your game.

Expert surfing experiences

Our Advanced Plus and our Expert surf sessions are a step up from our current advanced settings and will offer the chance to try out something new.

When these surf sessions run, there'll only be 14 people in the water on each side of the lake for an Expert session and 17 for the Advanced Plus. There are no other surfers in the lake at all.

During this time, we’d recommend that those surfing on the Advanced Plus and Expert session bring their own wetsuit and surfboard if they have them.

Due to a high volume of demand and use, our performance hard boards are currently being sent for maintenance and are unavailable. If you would like to use a hardboard please bring your own or feel free to use a board from our softech range which are free.

Surfing experience needed

To join either of these surf sessions you must be able to confidently:

  • Ride waves around 2.0m comfortably
  • Paddle in large waves and strong currents
  • Take-off consistently
  • Generate speed
  • Perform turns and manoeuvres across wave
  • Negotiate sections
  • Demonstrate respectful surf etiquette in group

Please note: to join our Expert surf session you need to be a highly experienced and proficient surfer, able to negotiate more powerful waves with confidence.

Our Advanced Plus wave

  • The wave: a full faced wave on take off, which holds good shape and size all the way down the line. Its inside barrel section is easy to pre-empt and stays open with a fun, open face to manoeuvre.
  • Face height: 1.7-1.9m
  • Waves per session: around 15-20 waves per set
  • Suitable for: ideal for those comfortable in powerful surf and riding performance boards

Expert surf session

  • The wave: a fast, challenging and powerful wave with a long face for performance turns and barrel sections. An entry level barrel which is easy to navigate.
  • Face height: Around 2.0m
  • Waves per session: around 15 waves per set
  • Suitable for: ideal for highly experienced and progressive surfers