Be the first to surf our bigger waves

Bigger more intense waves are coming soon. For advanced surfers these punchier and more powerful waves will provide a greater challenge and the opportunity to really up your game.

Our new expert waves are coming soon

Our bigger advanced waves have been in testing and will soon be ready for release to the public.

To book one of our advanced surf sessions, we’ll need to know you’re capable of handling this level of surf. If you’re keen to give them a go, come to The Wave on one our experience days in February and March.

So, what can you expect from our new expert settings?

  • The wave: our biggest, longest and fastest waves with various challenging sections. Perfect for performance surfing, including clean open faces and steep barrels.
  • Face height: 1.6-2.0m
  • Ride length: 12-16 seconds.
  • Waves per session: around 10 – 12 waves per surfer.
  • Suitable for: more advanced surfers who understand surfing etiquette, have mastered the fundamentals and are confident handling a faster take off and more powerful wave.
  • Wave direction: available as lefts or rights, your choice.

Experience the expert waves

We’ll be running several assessment days at The Wave where you can come and trial the new advanced settings.

While all our waves are subject to thorough health and safety testing before we release them, these waves are definitely a step up from our current advanced setting, so we need to know you can conduct yourself safely, not just for your own benefit but for the others in the water too.

To surf on our expert waves you should be able to:

  • Comfortably ride waves above 2.0m
  • Paddle in large waves and strong currents
  • Duckdive
  • Take-off consistently
  • Generate speed
  • Perform turns
  • Negotiate sections
  • Demonstrate respectful surf etiquette

Sign up to our expert sessions

Due to launch in February